WeLoveHome is my personal blog but I have to make sure that it pays to cover my time, energy and expertise. As a result, from time to time I will accept sponsored content or be paid for brands to talk about their products on here, and on my socials.

My promise to you…

I will make sure collaborations and sponsored posts are a perfect match for my blog, my home, my style and my readers. I only include products that are relevant to me and if I feel they are good enough to recommend to a friend.

Paid for posts will be clearly marked as sponsored.

Whee I am gifted items I will mark content as collaborative.

Even if I am gifted items or paid to do posts, I will always give my honest opinion. The views and opinions expressed on this website are my own.

This site may from time to time use affiliate links. That means that when you click on a link that I recommend, I may receive a small commission. You will never pay more for a product or service because you are clicking on an affiliate link. If you prefer not to use affiliate links, you can simply go to the website without clicking on my link.

This site uses cookies and may collect data on your visit to create a better experience for you. Your privacy is very important to us. Please see our privacy and cookie policy for more information.

Brands please note…

Please be aware that I do not accept guest posts or infographics. I pride myself that all my content is my own. And I don’t take part in blogger competitions. And as I live in Brighton, I’m limited to which events I can attend if travel and my time is not covered.

As I receive a large volume of emails every day, I’m not able to respond to all enquired that are not relevant. if you think I have missed your email in error, then you can reach me on Twitter or Facebook

Please ask permission before using any images from my blog. Always give full credit to each and everyone of my social media handles when using my images.

For my T&Cs on collaborations, please click here.

If you’d like to drop me an email just to say hello, or to ask for my media pack, you can contact me at [email protected].