Faking A Bigger home with Crittall Mirrors

If you live in a small house (like I do) then you’ll do anything to make your home look bigger. In this post, I want to show you a style trick I’ve used in my hallway using a Crittall Mirror which has cheated the space. AND I’ve picked out my top 5 Crittall Mirrors for your home.

Easy style tricks on how to use a Mirror to make small homes look bigger by interior stylist and design blogger Maxine Brady from We Love Home Blog

My Home

I have a tiny entrance hallway, that is impossibly thin. It makes the rest of my home feel small. Even though I’ve spent the best part of two years renovating the downstairs of my home to make it open-plan.

From my day job as an interior stylist, I’ve picked up a clever trick over the years to make a small space look and feel bigger. And that is with a Crittall window mirror – a mirror that looks like a window. I found mine at on-line mirror super store Mirror Deco.

It’s transformed the area, giving it a spacious feel. Just look here >> 

What Are Crittall Mirrors?

Crittall windows have been around for yonks. They have been used in the Houses of Parliament and in the Tower of London. They became all the rage in the Art Deco era and then again during the Modernist movement.
The trend for using them in homes today is huge – just have a look on Pinterest for inspiration! They capture that industrial look that has been going strong forever in interiors. Lots of designers started to use the frames putting mirror behind. The antique versions cost a fortune but luckily for us savvy shoppers there are lots of reproduction ones that cost a fraction of the price. Wait for my shopping picks below.

How do they make a room look bigger?

In a small space, a mirror that looks like a actual window cheats the eye into thinking that you’re looking out of the room, beyond the existing walls. space. Very trippy for your brain but brilliant if you’re home is compact, like mine.
Opening up the space in your mind. It’s an easy design trick which you would have seen in fancy hotels and in designer homes.
I did the same thing in my kitchen with an actually window – you can see the results here.
I went for the biggest mirror I could fit into the space to make it feel like a huge window. This one measures 118cm square and fills the space above my radiator. The silver frame matches with the other metallic elements in my dining room including my Laura Ashley wire wall art. The one I picked for my tiny hallway was the Window Pane Wall Mirror with an Antique Silver Metal Frame and cost £299.

Want A Crittall Mirror for your home?

Well lucky you! Because Crittall Mirrors are the HOTTEST thing in interiors right now. Home magazines are full of them – from uber expensive antique ones to cheaper modern-day copies.

When shopping for one for my home, I found the high street lacking in mirror options. And the ones I did find were insanely over-priced (and not that nice). That why I liked Mirror Deco’s wide selection (and the door-to-door delivery).

My Top 5 Crittall Mirrors


I love the distressed finish of the frame and the slim shape will squeeze even into the smallest of homes. This is the slimmer version of my one.

Slim-Line Window Mirror // £245
At 134cm tall this is a beast of a mirror. The narrow stripes of mirror will make a room with low ceilings appear taller.

Glass Art Window Mirror // £195
The coloured sections in the glass gives this mirror 1960 vibes. Great way to add a POP! of colour to your home. It comes in either red or blue.

Door Mirror Window // £245
Even a small garden can be made to look bigger with a mirror that looks like an extra door. I’m in the middle of doing up my garden and I’m seriously thinking of investing in one of these too. Give my garden an industrial edge to match my home.

My Love Of Crittall Mirrors

I’m so pleased with my own mirror – which is in my top five incase you thought I had miscounted! It’s now the first thing that people comment on when coming into my home. It reflects my tiled stairs beautifully and it magnifies the space. I love that it reflects the light into the hallway brightening it up. And It’s great for checking my lippy as I leave the house 🙂

If you have a small or narrow space, it could be time to invest in a Crittall mirror. 

Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know.

If you would like to see more of my DIY hallway, landing or staircase makeovers, then click away! I’d love to show you around my home.

** Disclaimer. This was a collaborative post. All photos, thoughts and opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Faking A Bigger home with Crittall Mirrors

  1. I had already heard about mirrors to make a room look bigger, but this is sure an innovation! These crittall mirrors look amazing!

    1. Hey – you are right – they look like they have gone out of business. The Nordic Style one you found looks near on exact to mine tbh. I love my mirror so much 🙂

  2. HUGe fan of Cristal mirrors! Love your top 5 – can I ask for the supplier of the door/mirror pls? (Last image) Looks perfect for my narrow hallway! Thanks

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