My first ever vlog! A tour of my new house

Welcome to my little house. Rather than just post pictures up here. I thought I would make a short vlogg Home Tour of my place to show you the ins and outs of my home. I’ve got some (BIG) ideas for this rather small two-up -two-down terrace house.  I want to paint it, strip it, rip bits out, knock it out and up! Basically I want to makeover the whole place – and on the blog I’ll show you how.

Starting in the dining living room you can see the dirty nets I inherited. The dining room is just an empty shell at the moment but this is where I plan to do my first renovation see here. And then the kitchen is being ripped out with new windows and a back door, kitchen units and appliances – and in May I’m doing a Kitchen month Special so we’ll go into that in lots more detail.

Next on the list is the boiler radiators – they are going to be replaced with energy efficient ones and I’ll be showcasing the best ones to pick for your home. I’ve called the team at British Gas to help me with that big job in April. Can not wait for hot water all the time and a cosy home this winter. Plus, I’m having a Green Energy Engery Report done by them that way I see easy ways to save money on my heating bills – which means more money for things for my home (or shoes depending on my mood!).

Bathroom I’m looking at way down the line. But I’ve already started making progress on the garden. Then I’ve just got the boyfriend and his cat to move in, the windows to repair at the front and the house to be re-painted inside and out! Lots there then – and loads of topics to cover on here too.

But most importantly, look out for Teddy, my puppy who wants to jump into every shot and in every video I make.

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with your little house here! I am moving in a house for the first time in my life in a few weeks. I have always lived in an apartment and the living in a house will be something completely different for me. Thanks again for the interesting post!

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