Decorating Ideas For Navy Bedrooms

While my house is still very much a building site, I have been dreaming up style ideas on how to revamp my bedroom when the time comes.

I came up with a little mood board to show my little daydream come to life.

Deep, dark and inviting. That is why I would use shades of midnight blues as I think they make an impact and are a totally unexpected colour choice for a bedroom. I found this bedroom on pinterest and added it to my board filled with dream bedroom ideas.

I’d get the paint brush out and splash a rich, deep tone on my walls. With such a dark colour, it isn’t very forgiving to walls which are as bumpy as mine. So I’d pick a flat matt finish as anything shiny or silky would show every flaw. I’m building up the confidence to go for a shade as deep on my little mood board. And I’d get my paint colour matched with Valspa. I only just saw they are in the UK when I spotted their adverts with Mr Bright Bazzar on the telly.  I first saw their vibrant colours in the States in January and fell in love with their shades.

Being brave has never been so blue