What an interior stylist needs for a shoot

What does an interior stylist need on a shoot? Here is my list of everything I take with me when going on location. Time to get prepared.

As well as the usual suspects (think tons of cushions and lots of fresh seasonal flowers), you also need a bag of handy tools to make a style shoot happen.So what’s in my kit exactly? I’ve jotted down of everything I carry with me on a shoot:

  • large bag to hold all my STUFF. Mine is huge!
  • Lots of tape – from gaffer to parcel tape and clear sticky tape
  • A packet of blue tack
  • Staple gun and staples to upholster furniture
  • Ribbons in the shoot colours, coloured string and threads (great for detail shots)
  • Small hammer, screwdriver and wrench for building flatpack furniture
  • Decent steam iron for bedlinen
  • Sewing machine, as well as wonder web, threads and needles, for making curtains/cushions/napkins/tablecloths
  • Picture hanging kit, sticky pads for hanging art.
  • Box of birthday cards and postcards – always good for putting personal touches on shoot
  • Lots of pens and pencils, paints and paint brushes.
  • Scissors – are like gold dust on a shoot. They vanish! That is why I take about 20 pairs
  • A small florist’s bucket for fresh flowers (so they don’t fall over in the car)
  • Selection of spray paint for customising furniture
  • Stickers, paper and address labels
  • Cleaning stuff – to wipe fingerprints off mirrors, clean windows and surfaces in the location
  • Tea bags! To make my team a nice cuppa to get the shoot off to a bang

Click on the video above if you want to see for real while I rummage around in my bag. What would you take on a shoot? 

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