How To Save and Restore Your Sash Windows

If windows are the eyes of the house, then mine had a serious eye infection! From the moment I bought my house – I was desperate to fix my crummy sash windows. They looked dreadful (cracking and crumbling when you just touch them) but they also were letting in rain water which was causing – more worryingly – damp inside the living room. I needed a sash window restoration asap.


Repair Sash Windows with Ventrolla

A little bit nosey, I started by having a look at what my neighbours had done on the street to see what my options were for restoring the sash windows. A lot of the houses on the street have replaced the original Victorian wooden sash windows with uPvc. I’m no hater of plastic windows (I have replaced all the ones at the back of my house with casement windows from PolyFrame). But from years of writing about them for interior magazines, I know original period features – like sash windows – add serious curb appeal to your house and add value to your property.  So I called in sash experts Ventrolla to breath life back into my windows. They had restored 100s of sash windows in the area, so I knew I could trust them to put them back together better than new. I’ve never had my original windows cared for so beautifully.

Jonathan & I teamed up to did a little video diary of my sash window makeovers so you can see what is involved. The whole process was very smooth – and it took three days to remove all the rotten wood and broken glass, and put in a new window system with brushes. We no longer feel a draught when we are sitting in the living room – thank goodness. And we have curbed the damp problem for good. What did take forever was to get round to painting them!

Now I have windows that look as good as the day they were made – over 150 years ago. I’m chuffed to pieces with how good they look. What do you think?

[**Disclaimer] Ventrolla are one of my carefully selected blogging partners and together we have created content together. I would not promote anything that I wouldn’t have in my own home. If you want to learn more about who I work with then please take a look at my friends page.

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