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You can tell a lot about a home from it’s front door. Mine was screaming ‘Urgh!’ Time to ditch the depressing door and replace it for something that is well…a little more me!
This is my little video on the actually front door makeover so you can see it all in the flesh.
Before:  The door was painted in layers of chipped blue paint. It had warped so badly in the wet weather that I had to jam it hard to get it to close. There was a gap under the door where wind would whistle through my house. See the letter box…if you put your hand through it then – BOOM – you could flick the lock into my house (I know as I locked myself out many times).
I didn’t want a  run of the mill front door. I spotted one few streets away that just look freaking amazing. Lots of googling later and I found it by a company called Adoored. I designed my door on-line using their web tool and as I added or took away things, it would adjust the price – which was really helpful for my budgets. Once I placed my order, one of their team came out to assess my front door, and in less than 4 weeks it was fitted. Here I am proud as punch with my new door.
I did spend ages playing with the design on-line choosing what options I wanted. I read so many blog posts on ‘what your door colour says about you‘. In the end, I just went for a style I loved. A wood-effect door from Adoored’s contemporary collection is called ‘Vienna’. I went for white as I wanted it to match my newly restored sash windows. I also have plans to paint my house a bold colour so the white door and windows would really POP against it!
I added an extra long slim ‘window’ in the door to let in lots of light into my dark hallway (the video really shows the difference that makes to my home). I had it frosted to keep hold of some privacy.  I had a letterbox put at the bottom of the door so that Teddy, my dog, could attack the post as it’s pushed through which is his new hobby.The best part? Has to be the door handle……isn’t it just lush? I  love the fact that it runs the whole length of the door. And that it is in chrome. And it is just…well so sexy (for a door handle). It takes this door from z-list or Hollywood superstar.
The door came with a ultra safe Yale lock. The lock is so secure and safe that when I tell my insurance company, they should reduce my content insurance – yes it is that good. Only down side you have to order more keys online and they take 4 weeks to deliver. Small price to pay as I feel so safe when I lock myself in at night.
Let’s chat costs: The door itself was £653 not including the fitting. Now, that sounds pricey but when I worked out that included:
1 x house visit to measure
1 x  bespoke door and frame
1 x day to fit the door (it took ages to do as it was so fiddly)
1 x Yale lock with 3 keys
All the above felt good value for money to me. Plus, I now have the coolest door on my street which is completely unique to my home.
When I emailed the team at Adoored and told them how much I loved my door – they offered me a £50 discount to share among my friends 🙂 All you have to do is quote MB090316-AB over the phone when you have picked your design and they will take £50 off your order. The code is valid until 9th March 2017 – so you have ages to pick out your new door.
As I write, I have my decorator in to paint the front of my house in ‘Spearmint’ by Little Green Paint Company. When that is finished, I will show you the rest of my curb appeal makeover.  I’ve shoving lots of photos on Facebook as it is painted each so if don’t wait for me to post, go and check it out.
What does my front door say about me now? It’s pretty bold and makes great first impression –  it really does reflects me and my home much better – ha ha! What do you think? If you could design your front door – would would you go for? Modern like me, or something more in keeping?
For this blog post, I was send product to review – please visit my disclaimer.

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