Win! DAB Emma Bridgewater digital radio worth £79.99

Christmas comes early today with my fab competition where you can enter to WIN a stylish Emma Bridgwater DAB radio worth £79.99. As an extra gift – I have a discount code of 15% off all VQ products (see below). Don’t you think this rather lovely radio would make the perfect Christmas present for a loved one? (: or for yourself 🙂  I’ve styled up the radio in my (almost) finished guest bedroom makeover so you can see how fab it is.

The radio is portable so you can listen to your favourite station anywhere


About the Radio

I was allowed to pick any View Quest radio for my great giveaway and I opted for the Retro Mini covered in Emma Bridgewater blue flower print design.  The radio itself is mini in size, which makes it ideal for your bedside table.

Mini proportions: Neat and compact

This Retro Mini features DAB, DAB+ and FM radio reception which means you have access to the full range of digital and analogue services across the UK and Europe. I love waking up to Radio 4 news in the mornings which is easy when you set the alarm.

Styling The Radio In Your Home

I played around with radio in my new look bedroom, placing it on my G-Plan side table and on my bed where I like to read and listen to music. This radio is wrapped in a faux leather printed cover – which makes it feel dead fancy.
I thought the blue case worked well with my freshly papered walls in Cole & Son’s Great Wave design. It’s it amaziiiiiiiing? I’m adding touches of copper to my room too as you can tell by the lamp.  You can see all my makeover ideas for my bedroom in my post in more detail. I’ll be showing off the big reveal soon when it is finally done.

My favourite features of this radio:

It’s wireless – You can use this radio as a speaker playing your favourite tracks from your own music library by connecting your smart device via Bluetooth (or if that is too high tech, you can plug in via the aux-in connection). Other cable connections include, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB charging port so you can charge up your mobile as you stream. Handy if you want to charge your phone up while you sleep.
Adjust the sound – The radio has a range of presents or custom controls, via the radio or the app which you can adjust the bass and treble to your liking.
Dual ‘lifestyle’  alarms – It’s got dual alarms that you can set to wake you up at different times during the week or the weekend. Set the alarm for whenever you need it.
Make it portable – The radio comes with a mains power or you can add batteries to listen on the move with a typical battery run time of 15 hours.

One person will win this radio. But all of you can use the code LOVEHOME15 on the VQ website at check out to get 15% off all purchases. Go on – treat yourself!

What do you think of my Cole & Son wallpaper?

The two alarms make waking up easy

Really want this radio? Of course you do! Enter below in my competition to win one the DAB radio pictured.

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**NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Please click herefollow for full T+ C
This is a competition for one winner to win one VQ DAB Emma Bridgewater radio – the one pictured in the photos. No cash exchange or alternative prize is offered.
Competition ends on Midnight 4th Of December 2016. The winner will be picked at random by Maxine Brady. Each means to enter increases your chance of winning.
Good luck.

755 thoughts on “Win! DAB Emma Bridgewater digital radio worth £79.99

  1. Would give it to my sister in law, she can have it in the kitchen where she spends a lot of time cooking for us all 🙂

  2. i would give this stunning radio to my big sister mary shes always late so the alarm would be a godsend for her lol fab giveaway thankyou x

  3. Myself – I spend a lot of time working from home and rely on the radio for company. My current radio is a fiddle to tune and change stations so I would selfishly keep it!

  4. I think it is fate…I really want a portable DAB I can use in my new bathroom (when it’s finished anyway!) and guess what the colour scheme is?! Yep, blue and white! 😉
    Loving your wallpaper too, Cole & Son can do no wrong in my eyes. x

    1. Duh, commented then read the question for the comment! Does it count that I would totally give it to myself?! Eep, prob not. Okay, my husband then, so he could listen to music in the shower! (And obv I could use it too, he he!). x

  5. I’d give it to my daughter because it would be the finishing touch to her room we have just redecorated in a shabby chic style

  6. I’d give it to my sister though secretly I’d like to keep it. She has worked so hard making her home beautiful – it would look lovely there

  7. I would give it to my mum and dad who have just retired, so they’ll be spending a lot more time pottering around at home, listening to the radio.x

  8. I’d love to keep this amazing radio for myself but I would definitely share it with my mum and nieces so we could listen to a great range of music.

  9. I’d love to give it to my sister, to make her room feel more homely at Uni, and to keep her company when she’s revising:)

  10. I would give this DAB radio to my niece.
    She keeps ‘nicking’ her mother’s and they also have different taste in music.

  11. this would be for my Wife, she has the radio on 24/7 (it is even on all night as she only gets 2-3 hours sleep) we need a new radio, she would love this.

  12. I would love this for myself if that is ok as I don’t have a radio and can only listen to it on the radio channels on the tv at the minute.

  13. At the risk of sounding selfish I’d keep it for myself! My last digitial radio died a few years back and I miss having 6music on while pottering around the house. Plus this one is SO beautiful!

  14. My mum as she doesn’t have a dab radio and I would love for her to enjoy all the stations on such a beautiful radio!

  15. If i won, which i hope i do, i would keep this DAB radio to help me get the kids up for school on those cold winter mornings.xx

  16. I’d keep this lovely prize for myself. I’ve had the same alarm clock for years & id love this to replace it 🙂

  17. I’d give this to my mum, she lives in sheltered housing and loves listening to Radio 2, though she does miss Terry Wogan. Despite living in this type of accommodation, she is fit and well and loves to sing and she has some good dance moves if she’s walking between rooms and a favourite song comes on the radio. I hope I’m as fit and active as my mum at 82.

  18. This is super cute! I never knew radios could be so pretty actually. If I was lucky enough to win, I’m not sure I could bear to give such a pretty thing away! But if I was really a big hearted person, I’d give it to my beautiful godmother, who has a very “The Good Life” aesthetic and spends days in her allotment. She grows masses of fruit and veg, and generously gives away boxes and boxes of food. I’d love her to have something pretty for herself.

  19. I’d be sorely tempted to keep it for myself as it’s so pretty and I just love Emma Bridgewater designs, but I’d probably give it to my mum and dad as they’d enjoy it most as they’re both avid radio listeners and it’s portable enough to easily move from room to room. x

  20. If I won I would give this radio to my old Mum.She is 90 years young and always loves to sing along to 80″s music!

  21. This is lovely and if i was lucky enough to win i would give it to my little sister as she loves all things retro and her favourite colour is blue. 🙂

  22. It would be perfect for our spare bedroom where my wife does all her knitting, sewing and other crafty stuff. She’s only got a cheap FM radio in there at the moment!

  23. My Mum because she loves Captial Godl, a bit of Frankie Valli and she’s off. She lives in her kitchen this would make her day. Thank you for the chance x

  24. I’d give it to my mum, she keeps asking for radios… she has it on the pillow to listen to at night and then knocks them on the floor and breaks them!! At least with a lovely one, she’d take more care!!

  25. I would give it to my mother in law. Its just her style and she would utilise it well as she cooks away in her kitchen

  26. I would keep it for my husband and I. We could do with a new radio, have on throughout the day, particularly like one for the kitchen

  27. Id keep it for my self for in the kitchen. Tidying up after teenage boys can be tedious to say the least. This would cheer me up a bit lol.

  28. My partner Paul to listen to whilst he decorates our kitchen and it would look perfect in the new kitchen

  29. I would give to myself for Christmas, I have wanted one for a long time but can’t afford a decent one like this one.

  30. I would give this to my mum as she is a seamstress and works from home and would love this in the background whilst working x

  31. I would give it to my sister in law for Christmas as she has just moved into her new home so it would make a fab present!

  32. What a superb prize! I would love a digital radio, as I long to listen to stations like LBC, Absolute Radio 60s etc!

  33. I would give it to my partner. We have a retro VW campervan and this would look fab on the picnic table. Love the fact you can use batteries as well as mains.

  34. I would give it to my mother who is suffering from dementia. 1960’s music settles her as she slips back into her teenage years..

  35. I would seriously consider giving it to my daughter – but I think I would then have to keep it myself as it is just too lovely to be given away!

  36. i couldnt possibly part with it if i won this would help fill my kitchen with some groovy tunes fingers crossed

  37. I’d give it to my mum & dad , they listen to the radio in bed every night and as soon as they are awake in the morning , they would love this x

  38. I would give this to my son’s girlfriend as a treat for being so good for him. He now hoovers and cleans the bathroom! ????

  39. I’d have to be selfish and keep this to dance around the house to music with my little boys. It’s so gorgeous and have been dying to get my hands on it for a while so don’t think I could bare to give it away. Sorry!

  40. I would give this beautiful radio to my best friend Jane. She is always thinking of others and never treats herself.

  41. I think if I won, I’d honestly keep it, it’s so beautiful and it would lovely to own, thank you so much for the chance 🙂 x

  42. I think it’d have to be a birthday present to me, from me, as it’s my 30th in twenty days and my poor old DAB bit the dust last month.

  43. I’m sorry if I sound selfish but I’d keep it for myself! My sister “borrowed” mine over a year ago and I really need a replacement! 🙂

  44. I’ll be honest – I would keep it, I could listen when me and the kids do baking and crafts and it would be an extra reason for the tv to be off

  45. I’d put it in the kitchen and then everyone would benefit – those of us who live here and people visiting. It’s gorgeous.

  46. If I won This radio I would give it to the hubby so he can listen to Steve Wrights Sunday love songs in style!

  47. I’d give it to my daughter, she’s just moved into her first house and wants a radio for her kitchen and the colours would be just perfect, not only could she listen to her favourite music but it would drown out the noise of the barking dog next door 😉

  48. I would give to my daughter, she is a student nurse and just moved into halls so she doesn’t have a lot at the moment, and she would just love this

  49. I’ve been promising myself a DAB radio for a while now, so I’m afraid I’d be a little bit mean – and would keep the lovely little radio all for myself!

  50. As i would love to have a radio in the kitchen i would keep this for myself and enjoy listening to it while i cook the meals

  51. I would give this to my nan so she can take it anywhere in the house with her. She still has one of those massive old hi-fi systems so if she is upstairs she can’t listen to music and I think she would love the style of this

  52. My Mum, she needs a new radio, hers has just died. And I’m sure she wouldn’t treat herself to one so lovely.

  53. I would give it to my husband – he would love a DAB radio and this one is so stylish, it would go perfectly in our bedroom :o)

  54. I would have to keep it for myself wanted one for over a year i love listening to the radio when i come from work while cooking xx

  55. We are just decorating our kitchen and this would look perfect in there so I’d like to keep it for myself if I’m lucky enough.

  56. If I won it would be for myself and my husband. Fingers crossed as we’d love to own a Emma Bridgwater DAB radio. x

  57. I’d keep it for myself and take it round my flat playing my favourite radio station as i’m cleaning to keep me motivated and moving fast 🙂

  58. I’m sorry but I would have to selfishly keep this beautiful radio for myself!! My young son managed to drop my last radio into the bath!! Would so love a PRETTY girly new one x

  59. My wonderful Mum, who absolutely adores DAB radios. An earlier one broke down on us, and we’ve been keenly searching for an impressive replacement ever since. This sublime radio would fit the bill nicely 🙂

  60. I know I should want to gift this as it is Christmas but I love it and it is just my style and has so much personality I might have to keep it. I’d give my daughter some chocolate to make up for taking the radio.

  61. I’d love to be selfish and keep it for myself as I’d love it in the kitchen to listen to while I’m cooking.

  62. I would keep the radio myself to replace the rubbish one I have in the kitchen. I love music whilst I cook clean and wash up which is what I do much but music helps xx

  63. I’d give it to my Mum, she has a DAB in the car but not in the house. Also, I just know she’d love the design, so pretty.

  64. I would love to keep it for myself. We’re replacing our 80’s kitchen next week and this would be a perfect finishing touch!

  65. I would love to win this for my friend Claire as she does so much for others, she deserves a treat for herself. x

  66. I am so fed up of having to listen to my daughter playing her Little Mix cd on my cd/radio player (repeated 20 times a day!) – I’d love to win this so I can drown out the noise!! 🙂

  67. I’d give this radio to my mum who although she has Altzeimers loves her music! We very often have alittle dance around the living room!!