Tips On How To Live Without A TV

I’ve not owned a TV for 8 months.
I know, crazy right! Especially as I love my trashy telly (ie TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Love Island…)
Not having a telly box has revolutionised how use my home and I’m definitely happier, relaxed and more content. But being in TV-free home hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. There’s been moments when I’d enjoy nothing better than slumping in front of the goggle-box, and switch off my mind.
That’s what today’s this post is all about: Tips on how to survive without a telly (without going utterly mad).

How I found myself without a TV

If you popped by my blog last September you would have read my post on the Samsung Serif TV which I was luckily enough to test out. It was a beautiful, sleek piece of home-tech. The telly of my (interior stylist) dreams.
When I had to return it after the review [ **sob sob** ] I was unable to afford to buy myself one as the £500 price tag was out my reach. And I couldn’t bear to replace it with a horrible black box. Then – boom! – eight months passed by and, here I am – still without a TV.

Replaced my telly with a record player

What on earth have I learned from this social experiment.

Living Without A TV  > The Pros

1. I’ve got my life back
I don’t get sucked into watching utter rubbish. Before, I would to spend hours channel-hopping, trying to finding something/anything to watch. I’d waste a whole evening like this. I have more time back during my day, and I’m more active enjoying a beach dog walks or a run rather than sofa time.
2. I’ve fall in love with music again
My ears are buzzing from all the info they are absorbing. My mornings are filled with daily news on the radio. Evenings are crammed with music from my Sonos speakers. I listen to 1000 x times more music now. Oh, and I’ve dug out my old record collection that I love to play on my Crosley record player.
3. And breathe….
I weirdly enjoy the peace and silence in my home. I love sitting on my sofa at the end of a long day with a glass of wine in hand and hearing….nothing….. I’ve got meditation apps on my phone which I tune into when life gets a bit much, and I do the odd Yoga sessions on-line too.
4. There’s more to discover
I’ll be honest here, I’m no saint. I’m still watching stuff on my laptop. Now, I tend to be more picky, choosing documentaries or trashy reality shows depending on my mood. Now, I reserve an evening to do it in rather than make it part of my every day routine.
Oh, and I watch loads more YouTube. I’m obsessed with School of Life (have you seen them?) and I have been into Lisa Eldridge make up tutorials.
I take a lots more baths in the evenings where I read fashion magazines/Art history books.
5. I feel cleverer 🙂
I now listen to lots of documentaries, I’m full of FACTS. I think that makes me more interesting to hang out with. But you may need to check with my mates on that one.
6. Chat more
Before, if I was watching the TV and my phone rang, I’d ignore the call  as I would be so consumed in the telly show. Now, I catch up with friends and family on the old dog-and-bone most evenings.
oh, I have friends over for diner, and we chill and chat. There is no temptation to pop the box on.
7. Visitor’s love it
I rent my home on air bnb – and I was worried that my guests would miss not having a TV. But most say they like it. One Italian family said it made their teenage daughter talk to them in the evenings rather be absorbed in the telly-box.

Living Without A TV > The Cons

1. No downtime
Hangovers are just not the same without slumping on the sofa with the TV on. I miss just chilling out in front of the telly with dinner on my lap. Although on a positive note, I eat at my diner at the dining room table which is better for my digestion/table manners.
2. I’m less productive
Before, my evenings used to be spend blogging in front of the telly. Now, I can’t do that. Not having a TV has forced to switch off at night but it means I don’t working as much. In the long run – no TV is better for me to have a more balanced life.
3. It’s uncomfortable
Watching catch-up TV on a laptop isn’t great positioning. It puts me off watching TV shows on such a small screen.
4. Not saved any money
I still need a TV licence (it’s the law) and I have Netflix too for my laptop, and I have monthly WIFI for work. And maybe cos of all the phone calls, my mobile bill has gone up too. I don’t own a fancy TV but that is the only money I have saved.

My 7 Tips For A TV-Free lifestyle

  1. Pop a radio or music speaker in every room so you can always hear music where ever you are in your home.
  2. Get into podcasts. From science, to comedy to political debate there are loads you can download for free from around the world.
  3. Invest in Spotify so you always have something to listen too. I love Sundays as that is when I get my new hand selected playlist of new music pop into my inbox.
  4. Scatter books around your home. I have a stash of magazines by the loo, books by my bed and read local papers on the sofa.
  5. Buy lots of boards games, jig saws and puzzle books – oh yes, go old school with your entertainment.
  6. With no TV you’ll have more time on your hands. Why not try one new thing a week – from an dance class, new recipe or a new hobby. Dedicate time to it.
  7. Get used to silence. And be prepared to get to know your family better 🙂 as you’ll chat and hang out more.

I’ve decided I’m happy to go a little longer without a black box in the corner of my living room. Maybe just one more month being TV-free….just one more…
What about you? Could you and your family live without TV? At least for one week? Or a month? Would you expect your life to change? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

** Disclaimer. All photos and opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “Tips On How To Live Without A TV

  1. I’ve often thought I wouldn’t mind not having a TV at home (we have THREE but that’s more down to my other half than me). We rarely ever watch normal terrestrial telly and most of our watching is Netflix or Amazon-based series. It’s not even something that we watch every day. I do however like to have music on in the evenings (my Amazon Echo comes in handy for that) and I love listening to podcasts! I think I’d miss it for our weekly movie nights though – it’s a tough one! Love your balanced take on it though – and I can’t blame you for wanting to hold out for the Serif!! xx

    1. I like the idea of booking in a movie night as a treat once a week Kimberly. Good one. But maybe with a pull down screen type thing to make it really special? That would be cool. With popcorn too.

    2. Hi- Read your article, I live in London & having had a TV for the past 20 years 2 years ago I sold my 100quid Flat Screen tv for 50quid- The 1st 2 weeks was the hardest then 2 weeks turned into a month & so on-my 2nd Christmas without a Tv have looked at the festive Tv nothing worth watching!! For someone who always used to have tv on in the background its great and ive over the last 2 years saved 300quid on not buying a licence!!In its place ICollect dvds as well as watches & Can watch certain Hitman and Mercanary films on my Tablet & Smartfone & have a whole world of Wifi Tunes to listen to……….
      Merry Christmas!!

  2. I didn’t have a TV for over five years but recently bought one for my new flat as was fed up of streaming shows on a tiny laptop screen! I definitely don’t mindlessly watch television though, if I sit down to watch something its a show I’ve actively chosen to watch (even the guilty pleasure ones!). I definitely guilty of not listening to music that much though, would probably be a good idea to change things up a little and listen to more records, podcasts etc.

    1. Five years. Wow! I totally get the tiny laptop thing. Although I love snuggling up in bed watching it. I would high reccomend a record player – or just a digital radio to listen to things when you’re working or hanging out.

  3. Oh we’re bad, we’ve got four in our house and a spare one stored in the loft eaves.
    I don’t think i’d miss it that much, apart from between the hours of 7.30-9.30pm, but there’s no way we could get rid of it now, Charlie would go bonkers without Netflix!!
    I do love the idea of a record player though x

  4. Ooo, interesting!! As a family, I don’t think we could survive without one. The kids love CBeebies and sport is a big deal in our house. I’m pretty sure I could do it though because I rarely watch anything. I do like it on in the background when my husband is away even if I’m not watching anything. The house is too quiet without it. So maybe no, I couldn’t do without after all 🙂

  5. I use to have the TV on whilst I was on my laptop working, however since having my desktop computer I can’t see the TV from there. So I don’t bother. However I do love to listen to my music, so I put this on now and have the Radio on, or Spotify instead.

  6. We have a tv in our living room that more and more we just don’t use. When we look for something on tele there never seems to be anything on that we like, therefore end up just watch something on catch up. The only reason we haven’t got rid of it is that my brother uses it for the Xbox (which he plays endlessly). But I bought a Bose speaker not long ago, and I have probably used it more in the last few months than I have used my tv the whole time I have had it (10 years).

    1. Sounds like you could be ready to live a tv free lifestyle. Maybe convince your bro to move the tv into his bedroom?

  7. Haha, who needs a TV when they have a beautiful record player? I have a TV however I never use it unless guests come round.

  8. It’s very tempting to live without a tv….. it’s all I do …is watch TV! All day every day and I have kid’s. is addictive and doesn’t get anyone anywhere. .. in fact I think it makes me even less motivated to do anything. .. and I also thought it was a good idea to buy a second tv to go in one of my children’s bedrooms, I haven’t let them stay in their bedroom all day every day… but maybe it was not a good idea… it was mainly so they weren’t taking over the lounge tv 24 7. I’d love to live with out a tv but it would definitely be a major transition. .. because I don’t even know myself anymore or what I enjoy doing in life. .. because all I do is watch TV!! It’s apitamy at its finest!
    We have all grown accusto med to thinking having a tv is necessity and the norm. Its not. 100 years ago there was no such thing and in those days people lived more wholesome constructive lives. Look at us now.. in fact look at me… I am a regular every day couch potato addicted to netflix. .. it is bad!
    Let’s not even get started about mobile phones! None of it is good for any of us. ..

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