DIY ideas to totally transform your doors

Last summer I was the set designer and stylist on Gok Wan’s Fill Your Home For Free on Channel 4 where it was my job to transform homes around the UK on a ZERO budget.
In one particular house, my biggest challenge was what to do with the ugly modern doors.  That was until I grabbed a can of paint and gave it a whole new look FOR NEXT TO NOTHING. See what I did exactly in my post about my telly job.
Inspired, I’ve popped 5 simple, cheap and quick DIY ideas to transform your internal doors to make them a statement in your home.

Image // I Spy DIY // Photo by Jessica Minski

 #1 Highlight edges in acid tones

No-one can ignore the amazing aztec design stuck onto this internal door with black electrical tape but what really caught my eye is the zingy yellow stripe on the edge. Even when it is left a-jar it looks freaking amazing.
How easy is that to do too – just a tin of sample paint needed and a couple of hours.
Love this yellow shade? Try ‘In The Pursuit Of Happiness matt emulsion (yes really) by Valspar for the same lemon tone.

Image // Artful Parent

#2 Make a flower power stained glass

This is just so so pretty. It’s a mix of real petals and craft paper. It’s the perfect way to ring in the seasons with leaves and blooms of the month. For full instructions on how to create this look in your home visit the Artful Parent by Jean. This is her little daughter Daphne mesmerised by the colours and shapes.
The flowers will fade after a week or two but it’s just too pretty not to try out once in a while. Want more stained glass ideas? Then Jean has lots you and your little one can try out.

Image // One Kings Lane

#3 Go for a geometric paint effect

An easy way to add bold colour and pattern to your room scheme is to paint up your door with a half-and-half design like this one. I love the soft peppermint shade (well I would as it is the same paint colour as the front of my house) mixed with acid yellow going diagonal across the back of the door.
You’ll need to put on a good base coat and use good masking tape (as I discovered when I painted my vintage bed). Thanks to style blog One Kings Lane for this idea.
I found these amazing DIY geometric colourful door knobs from Design Love Fest which would look amazing with this paint effect.
If you’re doors are beyond salvaging, then take a look at the latest internal doors that you can DIY install yourself in just hours in my #homehack post – how to replace ugly doors in hours.

Image // Marianne Wie

#4 Transform your doors into a busy bee blackboard

How handy is this door – especially for someone as forgetful as me who needs a constant list to keep on track of EVERYTHING. Splash on a can of black board paint on your kitchen door or maybe in your hallway cupboard so you will never forget a thing. Ever. Fact.
I was so inspired by this TV show that I filled my home for free and I can show you how you can too – in this post here which **spoiler alert** contains my latest home tour.

All these ideas are so simple you could revamp every door in your home….

Now you have your next weekend DIY project to try out. Have fun!

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** All photos are respectfully credited as above. 

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  1. Hey,
    Such a creative ideas. I genuinely enjoyed reading this and already shared this on my social media platforms. But I think if anybody doesn’t want to do this creativities they can buy Designer Doors also for a different look.
    What’s say?

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