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I’ve been doing my home up for two years now and I have come across some really great companies for my DIY projects. I want to share my pick of the best. This is my DIY resource of must-know contacts!

This month – I want to shine a light on the awesome guys at ClickaSkip.

In early August, I’m started on my big garden makeover project. My gardener asked me to sort out a skip for the garden waste (picture a ton of mud that needs shifting through my house).

That’s how I stumbled across ClickaSkip.

Thumbs up to the driver who reversed his truck down my narrow street

So much of our daily lives are conducted by computer – then why not our building works too? ClickaSkip run an on-line skip hiring service – where you can order your skip for your building project in a few moments. They are nationwide – so matter where you live they can help you with your project. It was so easy to order a skip in moments.

The staff were so friendly too. Sometimes when I speak to building hire firms they expect you to know all the jargon – and as I don’t it makes me feel like a bit of an idiot. By going through the FAQ section on their website, I learned what skip I needed for my project.

Saving a space for my skip with my recycle bins
Delivered direct to my door

Why I heart them!

Instant On-Line Quote

They can quote you on-line – meaning you can prepare your project while at your desk or out of office hours. The quote is instant too – that was so much easier than ringing lots of skip companies.

Helpful Service

Check out their skip size guide which gives helpful advice on what you can actually squeeze into your skip during a project. With handy wheelbarrow-to-skip ratio chart.  

Did you know that you mustn’t fill your skip with more than 30% heavy materials? That meant for my job, I was safer hiring 2 smaller skips for my waste rather than one big one.

They also sorted out the council licence which was one less job for me to do.

I had rubbish ready for the skip outside my house
There is my skip

Skip Re-cycling

As much as possible, my garden waste will be recycled to avoid it ending up in a landfill. Anything that can’t be recycled will be shredded and baled into something called ‘Refused Derived Fuel’ – which get used to create energy.

Bricks and concrete that end up in your skip are crushed to make new aggregates materials for construction projects.

Instant Skips

Yes that’s right! If you need a skip the very next day then you can order on-line with ClickaSkip and your skip will be ready and waiting for you the following day. That is peace of mind when you are running around preparing for a makeover project.

They also can collect your skip within 24 hours too. No more skips outside your home for weeks on end.

Ordering my skip for my project was so simple and easy, I almost forgot it was coming until the truck turned up on my street. A good contact to add to your DIY phone book for sure.

Have you got an on-line companies that have saved the day with your building project? Then why not share in the comment box below! We’d love to hear about great companies that you rate.
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*** Disclaimer. This was a collaborative post. All opinions, photos and thoughts are my own.

10 thoughts on “#LifeHack // Skips In A Click

  1. Ahh this is so clever! The amount of times we’ve considered hiring a skip is crazy, it just always seemed like such a hassle though – I love that they get the council forms for you and it’s all done online. Definitely one to remember! x

  2. This is really good to know Maxine. I called a local skip company when I was doing my bathroom makeover as I needed to get rid of the old suite and tiles. The guy was totally patronizing and really unhelpful. I explained I didn’t know what size I needed and he basically laughed down the phone at me and tried to put me off ordering one. Needless to say I felt like a total twerp and didn’t end up getting a skip. Your experience sounds much more like the kind of service you should expect to receive. I’ll note down these guys for next time I might require a skip.

    1. Yes – a speedy too. Half the time they builder’s don’t even tell you that you need a skip until the day before – which is so stressful!

  3. That is such a clever idea. I love being able to do all of my life admin online of an evening. It makes things so much easier. Plus, I have a garage that’s currently housing a mammoth amount of junk that’s begging to go in a skip. A timely post!

  4. You are so clever. Indded a great tip and advise for hose who are busy And it helps you to save more time and energy to do something else important as well.. Good job

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