We Love Home Listed As Feathr Top 50 Trending Interior Blog

It has been a very special month for We Love Home – as my blog has been listed No. 17 in the Top Interior Trending Blogs in the World by experts Feathr.
When the very fabulous Feathr (a brand I love and admired) got in touch to tell me the good news, I was astounded. Their ranking – listed as The Definitive Guide To Interior Design Blogs – uses high tech data to create a shortlist of the Top 50 Trending Interior Blogs – and my little blog made it into the top 20.
The Trend Blog ranking is based on blogs that are on the move – in the UK, USA and worldwide. In their words – ‘you’ll find the superstars of tomorrow’ on the list. So watch this space.

We Love Home Listed As Feathr Top 50 Trending Interior Blog

Being ranked in this list with blogs like love and admire (like The Girl With The Green Sofa, Cate St Hill, Melanie Lissack Interiors, French For Pineapple, and Hannah In The House) has been a little boost that I have need. And with my recent shortlist as Social Media Influencer Of 2018 at The Propery Press Awards (ekk!) has left me flying high.
I have high hopes for our little space on the internet, don’t you. I’ve been busy behind the scenes transforming my blog with a new design – which I have been so excited to share with you since I came up with the idea in January.
It’s my aim to make We Love Home the place to come for the best of interior design, makeovers and decorating ideas! And, I’m hoping that with my Styling Workshops – that I can share all my love, knowledge and passion with you guys too.
I can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings, can you?
You can see the full list over here. There’s some great blogs to discover.



PS I haven’t moved (this isn’t my front door) I just couldn’t help myself to have a photo taken with this colourful paint shade of red. Do you do that?

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