5 Minute makeover: Quick Window film fixw

When I moved into my house, I inherited net curtains. Yes, they help filter the light and they do give privacy. But they are not very good-looking, are they? I gave my windows a quick revamp to freshen them up as well give them instant style, just by using WINDOW FILM.

First, I ripped down the curtains (woop!) then gave them a good clean. My god, they were filthy! The house had been empty for seven years, so the glass was smeary and dirty – yuk. I’d already ordered the films from The Window Film Company. They have a great mix of designs (see below). I love the designs by modern wallpaper company MissPrint.

After much thought, I went for this design. I think it’s a nice mix of modern and traditional – and will work well with my Victorian fireplace in my living room.
The revamp took me about 10 mins. One tip: treat yourself to a water spray bottle. Tiger have them of £1!  With the nets gone, it feels as if I’ve reclaimed a bit more space in my (small) living room by opening up the bay window area, letting in light while still keeping my home private from the street.

I love it! Happy stylist. So much so – I did a little video of it…

2 thoughts on “5 Minute makeover: Quick Window film fixw

  1. Love how doggie is just overseeing from the armchair! 🙂
    I am actually looking to do this on my bay window too, so I’m glad I found this post.

    1. That so sweet of your to say Jenny. Don’t forget to check out my how to video (see more of the pooch in action). I’ve gone for a more trad designer but there are tons out there in lots of fun and funky patterns. I’d love to see your end result.

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