Revamp an unloved garden with a grassy lawn

Moving in to my house, one of the first areas I wanted to tackle my garden. I wanted to have an outdoor space we could relax in (and escape from ) the building works on the place. So we have been on a mission to get it finished by the end of the summer.

With the lovely people at Rolawn, my outdoor space was transformed from a wrestling mud pit was transformed into a lush green garden in a matter of days. Yes, it was epic hard work (mainly done by Jonathan) but the garden are outstanding. Yes, it would have been easier to put down paving instead. But looking at the end results you can see why we persevered.

Now were working on ways to stop dog pee burning holes in our lovely lawn! We’ve bought him dog rocks – which you put in his water bowl and then try to spray the garden every time he pees but it is a bit of an endless battle tbh.

I love the fences which make me feel as if I am in a country garden rather than in the middle of busy Brighton. The woven effect is so natural looking (hazel hurdle fences by Primrose). They cost from £34.99 each. I plant to grow wild flowers which love the sun and put them in boarders around the lawn to soften the look of the fence.  I want my garden to be full of purples, blues and lavenders. In the gravel area by the back door, I want to grow herbs in pots and salad too. I cheat my salad growing by buying living leaves from the supermarket and planting them – so much easier than growing from seed and I seem to have an endless supply of leaves for diner.

Jonathan bought a hand lawnmower – which collects all the cuttings. We’ve not got a bowling green yet but we’re working on it.
I’ve taken lots of snaps before & afters which you can see in my blog post – a diary of a garden makeover

5 thoughts on “Revamp an unloved garden with a grassy lawn

  1. Wow! Impressive! That man really moves fast! (only kidding)
    So glad you opted for greenery rather than paving.
    Much nicer for Teddy (I’m sure that’s his name?)
    Anyway, sounds like Teddy is a boy, if that’s the case, you should not have an issue with yellow patches on the grass. That really is, as far as I know, a problem with girl dogs, as they have excess oestrogen in their pee. I have tried Dog Rocks, and sadly they do not work, however, I have found that a splash of acid cider vinegar is supposed to work. i have to say that since starting to use it a few months ago, I have not noticed new yellow patches. Hope this helps.

    1. He is on a diet of dog rocks. But we think he doesn’t drink enough water which might be the issue. We’ll try the vinegar. Thanks for the top tip. Our lawn is looking even more lush now as we’ve potted lots of plants. Can’t wait to see how it looks by the end of the summer.

    1. Thank you so much. We’re posting more videos in the future. Including one doing a tour of my home six months down the line – so much has changed. Love your shop. Your black and white scheme is the vibe I want for my own pad. I’m so going to treat my kitchen to your black mesh baskets 😉

  2. i absolutely love the roll over lawn your laying in that video, even if its not you its becoming so commonplace these days with new homes who want lush green grass to look at instead of dog burnt lawns

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