11 Secret Interior Stylist tricks for your bedroom

Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist
I wanted to give my very neglected bedroom a mini overhaul.  Using a heap of style tricks I keep up my jumper just for these occasions, I gave my room a little fix. And Volia! Here’s my instant makeover following my 11 secret stylist’s tricks. And the best bit, you can enter to win my ‘style kit’ to create this look at home.  Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior StylistBEFORE:  This is the before: with all the other DIY going on in the house, my bedroom was just a mis-mash of junk shop furniture, bed linen left over from shoots and a hell of a lot of clutter (I’m a neat freak). I used the art about the bed as the colour inspiration, and I thought blues and pinks would work well with my vintage french-style bed. Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist
I know it feels like a drag but freshly ironed sheets will take your bed from crumpled to chic, and will make even the cheapest linen look a million dollars.  Gone is the busy bed linen and instead I found this soft pink cover which is cotton soft to touch for £47 for the set. Now it is VERY PINK but I forgive it as it’s so lovely to snuggle under.
I picked up my bed off Gumtree for £150. It was covered in this hot pink satin fabric but when I ripped that off, I found the original blue silk. If you’re looking for something similar, try this one by HomesDirect356  – this one is in the sale. It’s pretty spot on if you’re not a big fan of vintage.Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#3 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: GO MENTAL WITH CUSHIONS
To finish off the bed, I went a bit nuts over cushions. I like reading in bed I find big pillows, like the larger square velvet blue cushion, £20, makes a great bolster.  I don’t think you can beat a well stacked bed full of plump cushions. Just saying.
I looked for blue accessories around my home to dress the bedside take and I popped blue candle (a gift from The Style Chapel) there. It’s way too nice to ever light (which kind of defeats the point) but I like the way the colour ties the room together.Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#5 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: ADD AN EDGE
Of all my many cushions, I think the ‘You Rock’ one is my fav. It was from Velvet in Brighton. I think it was £10 as it had a tiny mark on it. Not sure if it is a bit tacky? I was hoping it would give this sugar pink room a bit of rock-chick style.
Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist
I’ve been looking for this a place for this little guy for a long time. He’s another gift (I’m a lucky girl) from Ima Lola in Hove. He’s carefully resting on my headboard. I gave the headboard a steam clean and it came up a treat. Eventually, I’m going upholster in a linen fabric but that is a project for another day.Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#7 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: THROWS RULE
Ah, so this is the other side of the room. I’ve got to mention my amazing white wooden blinds from Hillary’s. Love the way they filter the light. My bedroom gets pretty cold in the winter as it is a large room.  I need a couple of extra throws to A} keep warm and B} ‘cos I love ’em – I went for this one from Wayfair which came in £47. I like the way it is not a solid blue but has a woven flecked finish.
Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#8 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: PICK CLEAR FURNITURE
Piled over my Ghost chair is yet more cushions and that throw again. That is the great thing about throws, they are so nice to have to snuggle under when reading a good book – or having a snooze (erm..). Great thing about the Ghost chair is not only is an iconic design – it is also really great for keeping the feeling of space in a room.
Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#9 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: LOOK FOR PATTERN IN UNUSAL PLACES
This is my latest treat for my bedroom a Ruark Radio. When I spotted this limited edition one covered in Osborn & Little print I had to have it (well, it is designed by a classic fabric company). I seem to get lots more radio stations compared to my other digital radios. Now I have managed to set the alarm so that I come on to a spot of Brighton FM which sets my day off perfectly.
Secret bedroom update tricks from an Interior Stylist#10 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: A CAN OF PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND
Finally, I mustn’t forget to mention my new bedside table which I updated with paint.  It’s so easy to do.  I used a tin of left over Annie Sloan paint which covers anything.  With a bit of masking tape and one coat, the table was transformed.  It took me about 20 mins to do at most. Don’t you think my bedside table looks more expensive now than £50?  It also proves my theory that the less drawers you have = less clutter.
Once I had put everything in place and gave the room a really good Hoover and dust as I went along. The whole room took about an hour or so to do. I think I spent about £120 on the bed linen, bedside table and the extra cushions. Everything else I had knocking around my home already, they just needed to be added to the mix.
Have these 11 stylist’s tricks inspired you to give your bedroom a quick update?


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225 thoughts on “11 Secret Interior Stylist tricks for your bedroom

  1. My Favourite is: #7 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: THROWS RULE. I think my home would look more cosy with throws 🙂

  2. I’m with you all the way from tip 1 (I don’t know why anyone would NOT iron their bedding! but it seems like many don’t). Your room looks fab, and I especially love that you’ve ‘added an edge’, you rock Maxine!

  3. My favourite tip is use accessories you already own. I followed this when adding accessories in my kitchen/dining room and it was amazing the things I rediscovered that were perfect for this room 🙂

    1. You don’t need to spend a fortune on new things, just be a little inventive with what you have.

  4. I love the tip for using throws. They are so simple, but they can really make a room come alive, especially in the right colour 🙂

  5. I love the cushions tip , I adore cushions. I am not keen on plastic chairs though , but I can see your idea about space

  6. A can of paint is your friend is my favourite tip!
    I have a friend that has just recently re painted some bedroom furniture and WOW they have turned out brilliant white and very modern.

  7. #10 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: A CAN OF PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND is my favourite! It’s so true and super easy to update a room by simply using a coat of paint on a wooden piece!

  8. Tip number 9. I like my little add ons such as french clock style handles on my chest of drawers and my owl lamp.

  9. Wow love your room and what you have done with it!
    We are overhauling our bedroom in the coming weeks, with a whole new set of furniture but want to re-paint first and get some new accessories/wall art.
    My favourite tip is #5 ADD AN EDGE, I need to find something interesting!

  10. Great idea for a giveaway. I absolutely agree with the bit about suing stuff you own too, it is amazing what a rejig does for the soul and what treasures you find. What a peaceful oasis!

  11. Go mental with cushions – can never have enough cushions. (although don’t think hubby agrees. lol

  12. I love the tip of using accessories you already own. Such a great idea and saves a fortune!

  13. CLEAN UP! A room always looks so much better when you take time to clean t out and remove some clutter.

  14. #10 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: A CAN OF PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND – I agree as a lick of paint can brighten any room.

  15. Tip number 6 look out for quirk, I’m a sucker for anything unusual or quirky in the shops, I have my favourite little independents I visit all the time because I know I will find something different

  16. Add a throw! I love throws and they are great for covering things quickly when you have visitors!

  17. I love your ghost chair. Light, practical and stylish. And £74.99 according to the link, so affordable too.

  18. My favourite tip is to clean up- nothing can make you love your home more without actually spending any money than cleaning it.

  19. pick clear furniture – the room would look a lot bigger if I had done that in my bedsit lol

  20. I like adding a bit of quirk..I have a teddy on top of my living room bookcase peeking over the top..makes me smile.

  21. USE ACCESSORIES YOU ALREADY OWN. I’m always moving stuff from one room to another or painting furniture.

  22. Would have to be #10 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: A CAN OF PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND…I love upcycling, it gives me great pleasure bringing life back to an old shabby piece of furniture. It also save lots of money too

  23. Wow, your bedroom looks fantastic. I like Tip 7 throws rule. I really need to update my bedroom and declutter

  24. Look for pattern in unusual places
    I love unique, quirky patterns, that you wouldnt think would work anywhere in your home, but really do add that extra something to a room 🙂
    Eyes peeled!

  25. All the tips are great! I think 1 and 11 are basic things but definitely make a difference and number 6 and 7 add a lot more personality

  26. #8 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: PICK CLEAR FURNITURE. I have only recently realised just hwo much of a difference clear furniture makes to small rooms.

  27. Don’t over the patterns, less is more sometimes. Use pattern as one statement peice or a few little peices.

  28. A can of paint is your friend, a quick paint job can make any room or piece of furniture look totally different! x

  29. My favourite is look for pattern in unusual places 🙂 Not something I would have thought of but it’s such a good idea

  30. Really good advice-especially clean up..so obvious but some folks overlook it and end up with lovely stuff but not quite finished.
    Love throws too..I knit on massive needles with mohair/angora and love that you can tie in a fluffy cost throw ?
    Great ideas-keep up the good work x

  31. Can of paint is your friend….a change of colour or mix can make a huge difference , not just walls but furniture or in my case anything that happens to be around!

  32. #11 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: CLEAN UP A clean and organised house just looks and smells so much nicer!

  33. #4- Using accessories you already own. It immediately got me thinking of what I could move from one room to the bedroom, what I had relegated to storage in the garage and which cushions I could get remnants of fabric for from the market to revamp instead of throwing away. It has opened up an exciting voyage of discovery.

  34. I love your idea of seeing the beauty beneath secondhand items, and transforming them with new fabrics eg your daybed transformation !

  35. I love it that you have used things you already own. Also have to agree that a can of paint works wonders to freshen things up!

  36. The clear furniture tip, I have never thought of having clear furniture before – I like the idea 🙂

  37. I do like the “Quirk” tip to be honest. I’ve got 2 shelf-sitters of my own which have been with me for years and are always in the same spot each time I dust. I have a giraffe and a zebra (which is holding a sign up saying “Why the long face” – cheers me up on a morning).
    I also like the “Iron your Bed Linen” as well. Love the end to my hoovering/dusting spree by then changing the bed with lovely new fresh linen. 🙂

  38. I agree with #6 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: LOOK OUT FOR QUIRK. This is what can differentiate your style from any one else.

  39. #6 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: LOOK OUT FOR QUIRK – I love car boot sales and finding odd quirky things for the home.

  40. Iron tour bed linens, I never do but seeing your pic makes me feel I should do it as it definitely add a classy look to the linen 🙂

  41. #3 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: GO MENTAL WITH CUSHIONS, we are decorating out living room and have it that i want loads of cushions in similar colour but all different

  42. My favourite tip is ‘Go mental with cushions’ as it’s what I love to do. I simply can’t resist a pretty or quirky cushion! I’m a bit of an addict!

  43. A Can of paint is your friend – especially Annie Sloan, love it, love it, you can transform so much with a bit of imagination and her chalk paint.

  44. Your use of cushions,what a difference they can make to a room.Sadly I don’t have flair so I rely on people like you to show me how to do it x

  45. Add a french bed …. I have to say your bed is gorgeous – it has led me to spend the last half hour trawling ebay for something similar

  46. I’ve always said, neutral colour walls and vibrant crisp colours whether be cushions, sofa, accessories make it cheerful as you will feel the same ?

  47. Go mental with cusions, my beds full of them, even though I throw them all on the floor at bedtime lol 🙂

  48. My Favourite tip is number 7: THROWS RULE. Throws make a house so much more homely and my bed always has one on. Plus they’re great to snuggle into on the sofa on a cold night!

  49. use light colours to decorate walls to make a room look bigger and then use colours and patterned accessories to brighten it up x

  50. I love – A can of paint is your friend turning old into new saves a small fortune & really updates the furniture look

  51. My favourite tip is #7 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: THROWS RULE. It’s amazing what a difference throws can make.

  52. I’m not a huge fan of excessive cushions, but love throws! Adding layers can bring in extra texture and accents

  53. OH MY! this would be fab! im hopfully getting my first house this year!! I love tip no9 looks for patterns in unusual places!

  54. I like the pattern in unusual places. i am not very good at that but your room looks fantastic.

    Such a brilliant suggestion to have a look on websites such as Gumtree to find second hand ‘antique’ style french beds. I’ve been looking for one very similar online and in furniture shops, but the cost is always outside our budget. Thanks for this top tip. I’m off to do some bed research on second hand sites !

  56. Use accessories you already own – so often I go out and buy more when I could have reused something else.

  57. Definitely cleaning up. When my lounge has a good tidy up it looks great. Although a few cushions would make it look even better.

  58. #9 SECRET STYLIST’S TIP: LOOK FOR PATTERN IN UNUSAL PLACES is my favourite tip, although all of them are very handy as we’ve not touched our bedroom since moving house 2 years ago! A fresh look is VERY overdue!

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