Interior Updates: My Bathroom Shopping List

I’ve covered my bathroom makeover lots from the planning stages, to the end result. Today I want to give you an idea of the costs as well as an in-depth shopping guide where I got everything from.
If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you would have seen the slow reveal of my home’s first big makeover – my beautiful bathroom. The finished room is everything I could have wanted. If you spied this post, you’ll know the bathroom was dire before the remodel and all the work involved. It was so awful before, and now each time I walk into the room, I have to pinch myself to believe it’s mine.
It took a lot of planning to get the look of the room together. I shared my ideas with you back in August here. The starting point was always the bath (£289) – I wanted a roll top that I could sink into after a long day on location. I adore it. For practical reasons, I needed a decent shower up above which I found on-line for £99.  I spent ages picking the perfect sink and loo to go with my bath. I went for the Energise basin (£56) and Exhale taps (£35).
Once I had ordered all the basics, I went on the hunt for floor tiles.I always take snaps of tiles while I am away on holiday #Ihaveathingwithfloors. I’d seen so many great tiles on a trip to New York last year that were my inspiration and the closest I found were these ones which are browny/grey colour. I can’t tell you how much I love them. The whole floor cost just £176.
I got fixated on finding the perfect shower curtain…I know, I need a life! I wanted one that was opaque but not shiny or see-through. I found this shower liner from John Lewis which were just £8 each. I got two so that it felt a bit more luxe.
I got the Kate Bush poster from this famous junk shop in Brighton called Snooper’s Paradise. It was £28 which I think it cheap for an original. I bought it when I was in the midst of dust and building works to keep me motivated on the end result. I shoved it in a Habitat frame. I’ve not seen much art in bathrooms before, and I love how naughty Kate looks.
The loo roll holder was found on eBay for £12. I went a bit bathroom-shopping crazy in H+M. My hand towels, tooth brush holder, even the basket that holds my loo rolls is all from them.
The chest I up-cycled my with marble laminate sticky plastic and a pot of paint to cover over the pine wood to make it blend into my room.
I’ve then filled the walls a couple of shelves which I have filled with candles and my {growing} collection of ceramic swans.

How much did it all cost?

  • Bath + feet: £369.92
  • Sink: £56.90
  • Toilet: £100.98
  • Bath Taps: £49.97
  • Sink Taps: £35.97
  • Built-in shower: £150
  • Flooring: £176
  • Wall Tiles: £100
  • Lighting: £50
  • Window: £250
  • Radiator: £69.97
  • Furniture and accessories: £300
  • Walls in Little Greene Paint Company ‘Loft White‘ Paint: £43.50
  • Underfloor heating by Warm Up: £405.99

Total: £2159.20 + building works: £3,000 = £5159.20

It was a lot of money to splash out. I was expecting to spend that much as the room is large. It could have been cheaper by a £1000 if I hadn’t insisted on raising the roof to fit the shower. I could have cut corners too but as this was my first bathroom makeover for myself, and I wanted a look that would last, I think the choices I have made now I will be happy with for years to come.
What now? I’m still tweaking with the room. Not to change anything but to add extra little touches, like books on the window sill (to read in the bath) and a silver hanging from my latest trip in Indonesia, and the metal laundry basket (£25) from HomeSense. I want to do another haul at H+M to buy more towels and bath mat (got my eye on a Moroccan style one).
Enjoy! What do you think of the end result? I’d love to know if you are going to shop the look.
If you are renovating your bathroom – then I have covered every stage of this makeover from My Bathroom Makeover Before + Afters to My Complete Bathroom Makeover Guide and Style Savvy Bathroom as well as My Bathroom Planning.

22 thoughts on “Interior Updates: My Bathroom Shopping List

    1. Thank you. I spent hours and hours tracking down the perfect loo roll holder! eBay is a wonder for the home stylist.

    1. I know, it all adds up. I thought it would be helpful to break it down as I couldn’t find any info like this when I was doing up my bathroom.

  1. I LOVE IT! It’s absolutely gorgeous Maxine and I am very jealous. I can’t believe the floor coast just £176 – it’s fabulous. I especially like the basket for the loo rolls, so I must go and check out H&M home … You must be thrilled with the result – good job xx

    1. Thank you. Its a tiny room that is why the flooring was so reasonable. I think the busy pattern makes it look bigger. I adore my bathroom. It always gets a bit of a wow reaction from friend and family x

  2. It looks lovely, well done! The H&M finds are excellent (the toothbrush holder looks remarkably similar to a ‘vase’ I bought at Tiger earlier in the year, which is giving me ideas….).

    1. It might actually be a small vase – I tend to use things for what I want, rather than what they are designed for!!

  3. Lovey job Maxine and what a transformation, loving the floor tiles as well. I’m embarking on a full house renovation in the next 6 months and I’m petrified! It’s one thing doing it for a client but when it’s your own – how to decide!x

    1. I have truly struggled to make choices in my own home which is a random feeling when I do this day in day out for a living.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this as our bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, and really useful having a breakdown of costs as well, often you see pretty images such as yours on blogs and pinterest but have no idea how much it would cost or what work is involved, I’ll be coming to you for advice on mine! x

    1. Me too Cate. That is why I wanted to share the costings as I didn’t really have an idea of what the prices would be involved – until I chatted ot my builder. I’m here for you when you makeover your bathroom!

  5. I really love it Maxine. So light and bright! Looks a million bucks and that lloo roll holder is to die for!

  6. This is amazing resource Maxine; I love the idea of your unique bathroom makeover shopping list. Best shopping address ever.

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