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After the Amara awards, I didn’t think my life as a blogger could any more exciting. Then I heard from Lilly, the lovely editor of interior’s website Houzz, who told me I’d was their ‘Blogger of the Month’. YAY HAY! They asked me create my ‘dream home’ with images from their website. Here’s my speedy tour of my dream home.

Step into my dream home.

What is Houzz? Well it’s a one-stop shop to find home inspiration, as well as a directory of home experts – from interior designers to window companies. You can save all the ideas you spot pinterest-style on mood boards. It’s also a place for stylist and bloggers to upload images of our work. Have a click here and you can see my Houzz profile to see what I’m banging on about.
Anyhoo to be picked as Houzz’s Blogger of The Month is like all your friends getting together and saying your fab.  I spent hours drooling over Houzz’s beautiful images to make my dream home.
This is just the quick mini tour – let’s be get going starting with…

My perfect hallway

What’s dreamy about it? White polished floor. Vintage furniture. And that blackboard front door. This is the home of Katy from Apartment Apothecary photographed by Katharine Peachey. Nice work.

My Dramatic Living Room

This are the shades I would paint my dream home but am too much of a wimp to do now in my tiny house. Obvs in dream home, I will have a team of decorators on hand to change wall colours on a whim. A girl can wish can’t she? I’m now addicted to Making Spaces by Karen Knox where she shows no fear when it comes to black walls or ceilings!

My Reading Corner

In my dream home, evenings will be spent reading books and talking politics in a reading corner like this. Not watching TOWIE on my Serif TV on the sofa. This corner is in the home of Natasha from Candy Pop.

My Cooks Kitchen

My own kitchen is becoming a minor celebrity in it’s own right at the moment featuring on uber blog Apartment Therapy – see my debut styling in the USA. But in my dream kitchen, I cook and it CREATES NO MESS. No crumbs. No cleaning. Nothing. That is why I will have pure white floor and white units and lots of open shelving which never get dusty. And my shelves are always stocked and look artfully arranged. Kate from Mad About The House set the bar high with her white kitchen above.

My Utility Room

Maxine, would you like a space to hang all your laundry rather than draping it all around the house? Erm, yes. See above the neat and ordered utility room from The White Approach

My Calm Bedroom

Minimalist. Yes, I said that word. Despite my love of stuff  I would love a home that is free of clutter yet effortlessly stylish. My current bedroom is the black hole of lost clothes. This bedroom belongs to Tiffany from Curate And Display.

My Bathroom That Packs A Punch

I already have a bathroom which is pretty much my dream bathroom with a roll top bath. But in my dream home, I will have an ensuite for every one of my 200 bedrooms. This is what my ensuite bathroom is going to look like to-the-letter. Love love love the tiles, the gold mirror, the taps – and let’s not forget that chic shower curtain. Kimberly from SwoonWorthy – be prepared to be stalked (well your bathroom at least).

My Room with a view

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog, or my tweets will have heard me banging on and on and on about a flipping loft conversion. In my dream house, I will have two! One for my home office – and other one will be my master bedroom (like Jen’s from Love Chic Living) where I can take the amazing view of Brighton over the downs all from my regal bed.
Phew! That was quick. Felt like I ran you around my dream house there were so many lovely rooms to show you. What would your dream home look like? Might be worth checking out Houzz and seeing if you can beat mine 🙂
Oh, and if you want to see what my actual home looks you can by the magic of the web – just click here.

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