Win This Emma Bridgewater DAB Radio worth £150

Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome
One lucky person is going to get their paws on this sweet DAB ‘Pink Heart’ Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150 with my easy to enter competition. Everyone can use my special £50 voucher discount code if you want to buy one (or two).
Just enter in my easy competition for your chance to win. And you could be taking this portable beauty to a picnic in the park, or at a music festival or even boutique camping!
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Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome
Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHomeWho says technology has to be black or grey? Not me! With this lovely Emma Bridgewater ‘Pink Hearts’ radio, you can listen to your favourite music, streamed from your computer, phone or tablet, or tune into hundreds of DAB and FM stations.

 “Digital radios sound a bit frightening but this one is so easy that even I can use it, hard not to like.” – Emma Bridgewater

I gave the radio a little road test on a shoot I did for WeLoveHome on Tips To Having A Magical Festival Experience – which I did with fellow blogger That’s So Gemma.  Look how much fun we had shoot it on the South Downs near my home. Even the dog got involved.Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome
Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHomeWin a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome

Pink Hearts Hepburn MKII Bluetooth Radio

This cute radio has so many features:

  • Mains (UK/EU plug) or battery powered (Rechargable battery available separately here)
  • High-fidelity stereo speaker drivers with an 80Hz to 20KHz frequency range
  • 3.5mm Aux-in & Headphone Jack
  • USB Port for charging devices
  • Battery life: 76 hours (standby)
  • LCD Screen
  • Leatherette wrap
  • Multi-language settings
  • Sleep timer mode (when powered by mains)

Connect via Bluetooth with any smart device (Apple or Android) and play music through the radio. The radio also has a USB plug which allows you to charge any smart device (using your existing cable).
Here’s my extra special discount code to get £50 off all Emma Bridgewater Hepburn Mk II Radios – just pop HOME50 at the check out at MyVQ – valid until the end of July 2017.
For your chance to win enter in my competition below. Winner will be announced on 7th of July 2017.
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Win a DAB 'Pink Heart' Hepburn MK11 bluetooth Radio by My VQ which is worth £150. And use £50 discount code with Blogger Maxine Brady from WeLoveHome
** Disclaimer: I was gifted this VQ radio to giveaway. Photo credits Fanny Beckman. Styling Maxine Brady. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

363 thoughts on “Win This Emma Bridgewater DAB Radio worth £150

  1. I would love to win this for my daughter, the first place she’d take it would be camping in the Gower (Swansea)

  2. Hello 🙂 If my husband didn’t pilfer it for the garage first, I would pack a picnic for the family and take it to the beautiful Goyt Valley to listen to some High Peak FM!

  3. I would probably take it as far as the garden on the first outing as I would be eager to try it out straight away and would not want to wait!!! 🙂 then it would definitely come with me on an amazing picnic somewhere peaceful with spectacular views like Tintagel!
    Love this radio!

  4. I would take this beautiful radio over to my sisters house, where her place is a bit more bigger and we have a lot of of family get together’s in her garden with lots of food and laughs and the kids get to play in the garden when the sun is out. It would be so nice to have music playing in the background, especially when it’s such a pretty patterned Emma Bridgewater design, it would be lovely to show it off!

  5. I’d love to take this cute radio to the park! There is nothing better than spending time with your friends when the weather is lovely! The only think that could make it better is good music ????

  6. If I was lucky enough to win I would take this beautiful radio for a picnic in the park for its first outing 🙂 x

  7. My first outing with this gorgeous radio would be a picnic to Surprise View in the Lake District with my lovely hubby.

  8. down to devon on our first ever visit, so we can relax on the beach and listen to the radio

  9. I’d take this lovely radio to my sister’s when I visit so we can dance around the garden to Absolute 80s, reliving our youth!

  10. When the tourists head home at tea time that’s the time my family love the best – the beaches become quieter, the sun hazier, and we sit on our local beach, Goodrington, Paignton in Devon. This beautiful, retro radio would be perfect for listening to music as the sun goes down…

  11. My wife would use this in her sewing/craft room (aka spare bedroom lol) in the winter, and whilegardening in the summer!

  12. The garden to start with…so while I play with the kids and dogs, we could have some music too.

  13. The. Bakes room. To give me something to listen to whilst I lie beside her in the cot trying to get her to sleep.

  14. First place would be to my Mum’s in the beautiful Clwydian hills, I know she would so love the design. And she always has a radio about with her.

  15. I would take the radio on our summer camping trip to Pembrokeshire so that I could listen to Test Match Special.

  16. what a beautiful radio! Such pretty paterns, it would go on a lot of adventures, but I think the first one would be our garden when we have a family BBQ!

  17. I would be so delighted to take this gorgeous radio with us on our family outings to the park aswell as it would be lovely to have with me in the garden whilst relaxing and enjoying the Summer sun 🙂 x x

  18. Im making a vegetable corner in my garden with a she cave (girlie shed!) So this would be perfect for me in my little sanctuary!

  19. I would take the radio to sit by my sewing machine.It would keep me company and calm my nerves whilst I learn to more than a few bibs!

  20. I would take it out into the garden to enjoy the music whilst I was sitting in the sun

  21. I think take this along with a picnic blanket and settle in next to the lake in the common for a few hours… bliss.

  22. I’d take it up to the Clifton Suspension Bridge here in Bristol – its only a 15 minute walk from where we live and a lovely spot for a picnic :o)


  24. Me and my husband are going to stay in a Sheppherds hut in the middle of a field in the summer to spend some quality time together away from the stresses of home life so would be perfect to help set the mood listening to relaxing music

  25. This would look beautiful in my home but i have to dog sit in a very masculine home later this year i would take this with me to remind me of my girly home

  26. I would listen at home to football commentary. I would also love being able to get all the music stations easier, but the footie would be my first pick 🙂

  27. I would actually give the radio to my mother. So the first place, and most common place it would go, would be her garden.

  28. I would take this amazing radio on it’s first outing on holiday, we are staying at a cottage in Whitby for a week in the Summer.

  29. we woould use this amazing VQ Emma Bridgewater radio for our family days out ( beach , Park< the garden ) our choices are endless x

  30. I LOOOOVE this radio! It would look amazing on my bedside table, mine just but the dust! I love the designs and colours you offer on these radios ????????❤️

  31. I would love to take this delightful radio with me in my little camper van whilst I’m touring Scotland

  32. The first outing would be to a summer bbq I am organising for the end of term for my other mummies

  33. This radio would come with me up to my garden and keep me entertained while i pull all the weeds up.

  34. I would take this to my garden shed to mellow out to music whilst pottering and pretending I am a florist 🙂

  35. To my kitchen! perfect for tunes to sing and dance while I’m cooking! Also great for everywhere else too!

  36. This is so perfectly homely! My partner loves listening to the radio in the mornings and loves hearts so this would be perfect for her! ????

  37. I’d like to find a nice sandy beach somewhere to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon picnic with the family. x

  38. Super cute radio! I would take on a summer picnic with my auntie and do a proper vintage tea party!

  39. I’d take it with us when we visit the beach at Formby, it’s our favourite day out and we go whenever we can if the weather is reasonable

  40. Me and my best friend are going to climb our first munro and are taking a picnic with us. Would love this radio for a wee bit entertainment

  41. We love to take our boys for a picnic or BBQ on the cliffs tops in Filey. So we’d definitely take it with us there 🙂

  42. On a holiday to Shetland, we are going to visit my mum with my newborn son, it will be the 1st time they will meet!

  43. It’s so cute, it would be a shame to hide it away! I’d take it in the tent when we go camping with friends this summer.

  44. I need to clear out the bottom of my garden and this would be fab as I’d love to have some music to sing along to while I work.

  45. First place would be on my boat! – bobbing about on the ocean listening to my favourite stations

  46. i would take this with me on holiday to Scotland and we can use it when sat in my dads garden x

  47. I would take this on my walks with the girls so we could have some music on our picnic stop!

  48. The first place I’d take this radio would be on our next outing in our cozy caravan. It would be ideal!

  49. I would take it in to my daughter’s gorgeous garden. It would be lovely to sit and relax there listening to it.

  50. This would be fantastic for when im up my allotement so thats where it would be going. Thank you

  51. I would put it in my motorhome, so it would go to someset first, then where ever we go after

  52. I’d take it on a fishing trip so that all the fish would be so charmed they’d jump into the boat!

  53. I would love to take this on our camping weekend, it’s so pretty and I’d just have to show it off!

  54. I would take it out in the garden so I could use it when relaxing and reading on my new garden swing (then every time we go out in our campervan)

  55. It would go on all our picnics – we do have a lot, especially in this weather. So, some music playing would make it even more relaxing.

  56. I would take it to my aunties to listen to the night before her wedding at the end of the month:-)

  57. I’d really love this for my room. Had one on my wish list for agesss <3 It's so pretty I'm not sure I'd wanna take it out xx

  58. This is the most beautiful radio I have ever seen! What a lovely giveaway! I haven’t entered on various platforms! Xx

  59. Down my dad’s house this summer in Surrey Walton on Thames by the river Thames for a picnic

  60. WE are taking our little girl for her first camping trip in the summer holidays so it would definitely be coming along then.

  61. we are go camping in the summer would be lovely to bring this with us for entertainment around the campfire

  62. This would be perfect for using in our tourer caravan whime we are away. We don’t take a tv or tablets so this would be fantastic for listening to some music on a summers evening x

  63. It would come out to the garden to start with and then it would come out when we go for a picnic and our next camping trip

  64. Mine would accompany me camping in Cornwall at the end of August for its first trip out

  65. a trip to the beach for sure, camping in the garden with the kiddies are the first places i would be using this amazing radio

  66. I would take it out into the garden as I’m sure some lovely weather will be coming our way! 🙂

  67. We are off to a Ukelele Festival for 3 days over the summer – i would take it there for more music around the camp fire

  68. We would have a teddy bears tea dance in the garden put up little bunting and have yummy sandwiches and buns

  69. To my allotment. Sometimes it gets quite lonely up there and this would make a great companion.

  70. into my new garden (when we finally get a moving house date!)for a summer picnic with my two little girls – they have missed having a garden this summer so much :0(

  71. We have just bought camping equipment and will be starting camping. This would make a fab addition to that.

  72. I’d take it with us when we go holiday, especially when we go out on picnics around the Lakes

  73. Would take it on our family seaside holiday in July so it would be well used (at the beach and in the garden of our cottage) when we return home it would take pride of place in my daughter’s bedroom x

  74. I would take it on our next visit to a National Trust property where we would find a quiet spot for our picnic and relax in the with a bit of music.

  75. First in our garden while we have one of our many many BBQS,then in my new 1950s American diner/kitchen we are currently trying to do-very slowly! And by the way where can I get that fabulous circus tent from?! Love ❤️ it so much!

  76. I’d love to win this so much and put it in my kitchen so when I’m running around after my toddler in the garden I can have some music too !! Thankyou for this chance xx

  77. I often go fishing with my man and just chill out next to him so it would be fab to take to the lake with us. Thank you

  78. My other half keeps promising to take me fishing with him this year. I’d love to take it for its first outing there!

  79. I would take it up the end of the garden, along with a sun lounger, some Pimms, a glass and a good book.

  80. I would take it to the beach when we are taking our rescue Lurcher puppy for his first outing to the seaside!

  81. To the garden when we are enjoying the sun, having a BBQ or doing those must do chores.

  82. I’d take it into the garden to keep me company as I tackle all the weeds – we’ve bought an old, dilapidated “fixer-upper” house and the garden is a thicket of nettles, brambles and other weeds.

  83. I would gift it to my husband, he loves all sport and it would go with him in the garden, working in the garage, etc.

  84. Into the greenhouse, to give me something to listen to, aside from beautiful birdsong, whist I’m gardening.

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