Just over 4 years ago – I decided to start this blog in my spare time. I wanted a space to share my DIY projects, post photos of my Instagram-famous garden, take fashion shoots at home and chat about my career highlights. I’ve shared every mistake, triumph and makeover with you guys. And I’ve enjoyed every moment!

Now, I need to ask you a little favour. I’ve been nominated for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog but I need your votes to be shortlisted. A vote from you would so much to me.

VOTE for me here. 

This is the only award I actively canvas votes for. Why? As this is one of the few awards I actually rate or I wouldn’t bother you otherwise. This nomination is a big deal to me.

Please Vote For Me In The Amara 2018 Awards

My blog has been nominated/shortlisted 14 times for awards since I started in 2015 (just check out in the press section if you don’t believe me). And my 15th nomination is for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog at the 2019 @amaraibas

If you have ever enjoyed a blog post, giggled at one of my Instagram Stories or watched one of my videos on YouTube. Then could I ask you take a second to vote for me.

You can vote HERE. You have to pop your email in. Deadline is 11th September – so we don’t have a huge amount of time! Please hurry.

Win A Camera By Voting

And when you vote, you will be entered into a draw to WIN a Leica camera for one lucky voter.

When you have voted, can you pop your name below so I can thank you x ??

2 thoughts on “PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IN THE AMARA 2019 AWARDS – 4th Time Lucky!

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