Everything You Need To Know on How To Get Your Home into Interior Magazines

Have you always wondered what makes a home ‘magazine worthy’? Well, you are in luck. Today – I’m sharing my expert tips and tricks on how to get your home into an interiors magazine. Read on – and who knows, it could be your home on the cover of a magazine next month.

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> I’m only looking for UK properties

> I can only feature finished projects

> Please read the check list below before contacting me – thank you !

Follow these expert tips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

Want To Get Your Home Into An Interiors Magazine? Here’s How…

With over 20 years experience working in magazines, I know what to look for when it selecting houses to appear in magazine features. I’ve held editor roles on House Beautiful magazine & Home Magazine. As a freelancer, I write for titles like Ideal Home, Country Homes & Interiors, The Guardian, Good Homes, Real Homes and Your Home (to name a few).

I’m always on the look out for homes to feature in the pages of interior magazines.

Why do People want to be in an interiors magazines?

Why would you want to get your home into an interiors magazine? Well, there are many reasons. Firstly, it is a lovely reminder of all the hard work you have put into your home – especially if you have done it up on a budget or it is a big renovation project. It’s nice to have a visual reminder of your home.

Or if you own a small business – and it might be a really good way to promote your products. Or if you are an a fan of instagram – we can credit your insta handle. Or if you are an interior designer or architects want the press and pr coverage for their work.

And it’s a fun thing to do – and you get to experience what a shoot it like for a day and chat to a professional stylist too.

There is no payment involved for the homeowner – this is purely a passion project!

Follow these expert tips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

What are magazines looking for in a home?

Does your home check this list below:

  • Your house needs to be filled with inspirational ideas, clever styling tricks, lots of personality and a strong sense of style.
  • I don’t just look for mansion or grand houses (family homes work better) and you can live in a flat to get your home featured.
  • Each magazine has specific idea of what it wants – titles like Homes & Gardens and Country Homes & Interior will want cottages and period properties with a story. While Ideal Home and Good Homes look for clever family spaces. And Home Style and Your Home look for homes filled with colour and lots of DIY ideas.
  • I only look for UK homes.
  • I need homes that 100% finished. No blank walls, lots of accessories, artwork, lovely furniture. I’m looking for a house with personality and ideas that magazine readers can try out in their own homes.
  • We look for home that have relaxed, lived-in style.
  • I also look for affordable makeovers especially kitchens and bathrooms
Follow these expert tiips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

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How does a house shoot work?

What usually happens on the day is the stylist will turn up along with a photographer and maybe an assistant (depending how much work needs to be done). We’ll have a brief from the magazine about what shots we need to take and we’ll also have some props.

The shoot lasts all day – usually from 9am- 5pm. We start first thing in the morning while the light is good – as we’ll want to get as many shots as we can during the daylight hours. The team will work around your home, shooting the kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms – plus any ‘linking room’ like a hallway or landing.

Follow these expert tips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

Do you shoot every room in the house?

We will always need a finished kitchen, living room, bathroom and at least two bedrooms. We’ll style your space to suit the camera angle. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect which is what a lot of people worry about.

Most magazine would want you as a homeowner to be photographed in your home. I photograph the homeowner in the best room in their house – usually the kitchen or living room.

Can I approach a magazine directly?

Yes you can. But the teams on magazines are very small. There may not be someone checking the emails and you may think they are ignoring you but it could be because the team are flat out. Another way is to approach an interior journalist – like me – and ask them to send photos of your home to them and they can chat to ALL the magazines. I know all the editors personally.

Always check the credentials of a freelance interior journalist – check their website and their work to make sure they are the right person to send your home to.

How does an interiors journalist find houses?

I find houses through instagram, twitter, friends of friends. Lots of my work comes through word of mouth as people know about me. Or an editor may commission me.

Follow these expert tips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

How long does it take for a house to appear in a magazine?

It depends on the seasons and how quickly the magazine want to schedule it in. When I worked at House Beautiful, I would have big yearly schedule with all the makeovers and houses on. I would move houses and makeovers month to month, depending lots of factors – like a shoot gets cancelled or we need todo a bathroom special.

Most magazines shoot at least three months in advance. Christmas houses are usually shot in July. We shoot winter in summer and summer in winter so it can be a challenge to know. If you wan to get your home in an interiors magazine you may have to be prepared to put up a Christmas tree in the summer months.


As a stylist, I have a selection of props that I can dip into. Under my bed I have a box of tea towels in all different colours to suit any kitchen! As well as lots of plants, coffee table books and vases. Sometimes I might take a duvet and pillows with me.

I’ll always call the home owner and I will check what they have. On a recent shoot, the homeowner said she didn’t have matching mugs, so I brought with me some new china and mugs with me as a back up.

Follow these expert tips to on how to get your home into an interiors magazine by homes journalist Maxine Brady We Love Home

Have you just finished an amazing project – like this bathroom makeover? Then get in touch!

Bathroom | Day True Bathroom & Kitchen Designs

Do you write the articles as well as styling?

Yes, I do. I will interview the homeowner, write up the copy, send it over for copy approval – and then it will be sent to the magazine.

There you go, a little insight into how you can get your home into a magazine

Would like to get your home in an interiors magazine? If so, why not get in touch with me via my contact page. I’d love to see your space. Please note, I’m only looking for UK homes.

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20 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know on How To Get Your Home into Interior Magazines

  1. Hi,,I have just visited a friend new home. She has designed it,,had everything built for scratch,,The colours she has used together are exquisite,the decor is out of this world putting morden and victorian pieces together,,,I have never seen anything like it, would you like me to send you some pictures, t

  2. I just remodeled my place on Maui. I would like to get it in a magazine spread. The condo was originally 1980’s and located in one of the most prestigious places in Maui in Wailea.

  3. Greetings , I have competed my refurbishment work at my seafront regency flat at the iconic Royal Crescent Mansions . It’s a hybrid interpretation design aspiration from Kelly Hoppen ancd Sophie Patterson but maintains the regency characters . I would love my flag to be featured in a home magazine to share my design inspirations.

  4. We would love to have our barn conversion featured in a magazine, or for filming, we live in the Suffolk countryside

  5. My sister in law lives in Brighton and I thought it should be featured in Interiors Magazine.

  6. During the past 9 months of lockdown we have transformed our terraced cottage, both downstairs and garden. We had planned moving originally as we wanted open plan living but we loved our location. So glad we invested in our home. All our family and friends say we just put ourselves forward to home & garden magazine.

  7. I would love to share my newly renovated home and the kitchen is just simply a show stopper with the comments from visitors being ‘wow just wow!’ In the heart of Wiltshire our 1930’s style home has been tranformed into a modern home but still boasting the character which it deserves!

  8. I would love you to come to my beach house in the mountains, we.have a 854 sq ft home remodel into my beach home .

  9. Hi there,
    My friend has the most gorgeous rustic & vintage home in Suffolk full of antiques & a lifetime of finds. The house is circa 1500. She has styled it beautifully. I have tried to contact a couple of magazines directly but haven’t had any luck. Can I send you a few photos of Marilyn’s house and you can let me know if you think it’s worth sending onto some of your contacts in home magazines? Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards

  10. Hi,
    My only ambition is to have our 1905 end terrace home that has been lovingly restored, featured in an interiors magazine. We have done nearly everything ourselves including a period black kitchen, dark green reception rooms with reinstated cast fireplaces, tall skirtings and picture rails, a vibrant staircase and luxurious bedroom with feature ceiling and sliding double pocket doors. I have plenty of photos that I can send to you. We are proud as it has all been done on a budget and it would be a dream to have it featured in a magazine.
    Thank you

  11. Hi Dear Maxine
    I just come across your article and this is what I been looking for.My life has changed as for everybody in the last 2 years and relaised that If I ‘don’t fallow my calling my passion for interior design I never will .I feel this is the right time to leap on my journey. I had a Time to design our dream home and I would love my work to be shown to others and to help them to achieve this to .I do believe is so important how you feel I’n your owen space specialist now we are spending so much time at home .I have stated my business as interior designer and would love to feature my work in an interior design magazine. It would be one of my dreams. Than you for your time reading my mail all the best Melinda

  12. Hello, I have a 10’ x16’ barn shed I transformed into a She Shed. Everyone says it’s “Absolutely beautiful!” when they step inside or see photos of it. I’ve had several people say it should be featured in a magazine. I must say I’m very proud of the shed because I came up with the inspiration and decorated it myself. I believe once you see it- you’ll feel it’s one of the best She Shed’s you’ve seen in a while.

  13. Hi, I love decorating! I bought my home in 2020. Site unseen to boot. I walked in and knew my work was cut out for me. Ive worked hard and with a few minor details, Im finished. I dont have a website however I’d love to send pics also including the decor which most of it, I’ve made myself. Can you please tell me where I can send photos and what else I need to do.
    Thanks so much,

  14. 1930’s family detached house reno the past year with not your average 4m rear extension 🙂 Pics if needed. Location / Berks

  15. Hi, ive just finished decorating my living room. Would love it to feature in a magazine, but not sure how to go about it.
    Kind regards
    Becky x

  16. My name is Cynthia Mitchell-Allan I’ve spent years working on interior art and DIY and I wanted to know how I could show my house in an interior book. I have an Instagram page that has over 5000 followers and it is based around my house and the work I have produced.

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