5 Home Improvements That Really Add Value Before You Sell

Thinking of selling your home? Then I bet you’ve considered undertaking a few home improvements to push up the price. But it might surprise you to know that when it comes to doing up your home before selling, some projects can add serious kudos while others won’t add a penny! 

Thinking of selling your home? Here’s 5 home improvements that will add value to your home

That’s why I’m sharing my top 5 home improvement tips tell you which rooms and aspects to improve before you put your house on the market. As well as what home renovations to avoid, when preparing your home to sell. 


Kitchens designs are so personal that they are often the first thing that a new homeowner will plan to change after moving in. There is no point splashing the cash on new units to attract buyers because what you think is a cool kitchen design may not be to everyone’s taste or style. These home improvements could be a huge waste of money. 

Your best bet is to improve your kitchen so it looks clean, tidy and smart with a few quick styling touches. Budget ways to do this is by replacing chipped tiles, updating dated worktops or painting the door fronts to freshen up the space. 

An expensive modern kitchen may not be a worthy investment if you are selling but some simple tweaks like changing the flooring or units might be enough to get you a better price.

Thinking of selling your home? Here's 5 home improvements that will add value to your home
Changing your flooring or kitchen units might be enough to get you a better price. 
Image credit: Moduleo Roots Flooring – https://www.moduleo.com/en-gb


One area of your home worth spending money on is your bathroom. Most potential buyers will not want the bother of installing a new bathroom after moving in.

And if your bathroom has old tiles, leaking taps or worn flooring it will look and feel unhygienic which will be a turn off to potential buyers. 

The good news is that fitting a wet room, roll top bath or walk-in shower won’t break the bank but it will your more appealing. Go for something simple that can be easily updated by your buyers to make sure this home improvements adds value to your home.

Thinking of selling your home? Here's 5 home improvements that will add value to your home
Invest in a wet room to attract keen buyers Shower by Triton Showers. Image credit: Triton showers https://www.tritonshowers.co.uk


Having that indoor-outdoor feeling at home when your house flows from the interior to the exterior will boost up the price of your property no end!

If you have an old, cold conservatory that leaks or looks outdated it will put off buyers. Updating your conservatory can be an affordable DIY job with Conservatoryland. And a conservatory will increase the footprint of your home too, adding value when you come to sell.’

All you then have to do is make sure your garden is low maintenance, with neat and tidy flower beds and add in a few multi-functional areas like an outdoor kitchen, patio or seating area.

All these types of home improvements elements will add notable value to your property especially if you are selling in the summer months.

Thinking of selling your home? Here's 5 home improvements that will add value to your home
Make the most of your garden with a corner sofa seat like this one by Bridgman. Image credit: https://bridgman.co.uk/

4. Add or restore your home’s Period DETAILS

Another small project you can easily tackle that will add value to your home and attract buyers is to focus on reviving period features. Think about putting in elegant radiators, traditional light switches, skirting boards, restoring fireplaces and renovating windows to make your house shine when you come to sell.

In modern homes, updating bog standard features will add luxe to your space. Swap plastic switches for chrome or brushed brass, replace cheap looking doors for wooden ones, or switch laminate flooring for real wooden floors. Check out my blog post for places to shop for these items!

And make sure you fix things that are broken or damaged so your house is in tiptop shape. Now is the time to make a long list of niggly jobs and start ticking them off.

Thinking of selling your home? Here's 5 home improvements that will add value to your home
Add period details like panelling or stain glass into your home to get the best market price. Image credit: Moduleo https://www.moduleo.com/en-gb


This may seem obvious but have a good spring clean and declutter before you put your house on the market. That way, when you have the estate agent photos taken, your home is looking picture perfect.

I’ve seen so many properties for sale online which make basic mistakes like leaving piles of laundry drying, hallways cluttered with coats and even something basic like the toilet seat being left up will stop potential buyers viewing your home.

Setting aside time to give your home a good clean will help you get a great price for your property. And you don’t even have to pick up a paint brush to see the financial results when you come to sell.

Thinking of selling your home? Here's 5 home improvements that will add value to your home
Organise your corners of your home to allow your home to shine. Storage design by In House. Image credit: In House https://inhouseltd.co.uk/

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Let me know what you think of these tips below! Good luck with your home sale.

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