Write a jingle & win £10,000 with Vision Direct

If you take part in Vision Express jingle competition, you could win £10,000 prize money. If you love to sing along to advert tunes then this is the competition for you! Online contact lens specialist Vision Direct are looking for a jingle or melody for their new commercial and want you to make it up . And for your efforts you could win £10,000. Imagine what you could spend that money on!

I’ve teamed up with Vision Direct to let you know about this fun and creative competition which (if you win) could make summer 2021 the best yet! You could come up with the jingle yourself or even better why not rope in your friends or family. 

The Jungle COMPETITION rules:

  • Create an original jingle of up to 30 seconds
  • Make sure you mention Vision Direct in the lyrics
  • Hand in the jingle no later than Monday 24 May, 2021

And don’t worry, Vision Direct are not looking for you to professionally record the audio file. You can tape yourself on your phone or camera making it super easy to enter.

Jingle / ˈdʒɪŋɡ (ə) l /Definition: a short catchphrase or melody made to be easy to remember.

According to research, us Brits spend 58 minutes a week with an advertising jingle stuck in our heads. Imagine if you wrote that tune – how fun famous you would feel. You could get inventive with your musical instruments, using every day items in your home like your pots and pans or drumming on the kitchen table. Or how about making a shaker using the pepper pot? Who would you get involved to help you sing the tune? I would ask my sister as she has a lovely voice, and get my nephews to make up a dance routine! Let your imagination run wild. We all love radio jingles, don’t we? And imagine winning that £10,000 prize money.

To inspire you, I’ve gathered the top 5 UK Jingles of all time.

No. 1 – ‘Just One Cornetto – Give it to me!’

At the top of the list is ‘Just One Cornetto’ the popular ice cream cone by Walls. The ad uses the tune from the famed Neapolitan song “O Sole Mio.” I remember this tune from my childhood in the 1980s and I used to love singing it.

The ad was so popular in the 80s that Princess Diana was even said to have launched into it with her bridesmaids while she was dressing for her royal wedding. LOL!

No. 2 – ‘Go Compare’

Next we have the ad for Go Compare a company that offers comparisons of financial services like insurance. The song is sung to the tune of George M. Cohan‘s “Over There.” This has had over 174K views on youtube that is how popular it still is.

No. 3 – ‘P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin’

Cute fluffy penguins steal the show in this ad for a popular chocolate snack. I bet this jingle gets stuck in your head all day!

No. 4 – Mars

This ad feels little dated for our times but the jingle is an advertising classic.

No. 5 – Chicken Tonight

An ad for Chicken Tonight comes in last. Although this ad hasn’t appeared on our TV sets for 10 years, it still rings true with us Brits. To see the full list of the top TV Ad 10 jingles click here. Food jingles are really popular aren’t they!

Are you feeling inspired to write a jingle for Vision Direct?

Vision Direct usually focuses on your eyes, but this time the focus is on your ears! They are looking for a jingle or melody for a new advertisement. And we need your help with that.

To recap, all you need to do it create an original jingle of up to 30 seconds that mentioned Vision Direct for your chance to win £10,000. You can read how to submit the jingle here but you can try either via WeTransfer or email. And you can check the terms & conditions of this competition and more useful info on their website.

You can collaborate with others or come up with something on your own. And don’t forget to share your behind the scenes recording of your jingle on social media and don’t forget to tag Vision Direct 🙂

Good luck!

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