6 Positive Life Lessons That 2018 Gave Us

Here today to wish you a very Merry Christmas from me (and Teddy). We’re sending your lots of best wishes and all the good vibes for 2019! In this post, I want you to discover what 6 positive life lessons 2018 can teach us about ourselves, blogging, our homes, careers & interior style. That way we can walk into 2019 like the #wonderwomen that we truly are.
This year has been a mind-blowing adventure and I have learned so much about myself – all stuff I’m still taking in and learning from.  I’m sharing all here in this post to inspire you for your year ahead so you can have the 2019 you deserve.
Discover what life lessons 2018 can teach us about ourselves, blogging, our homes, careers & interior style by interior stylist Maxine at welovehomeblog.comDiscover what life lessons 2018 can teach us about ourselves, blogging, our homes, careers & interior style by interior stylist Maxine at welovehomeblog.com
Well that has been a fascinating year! Not sure about you but 2018 has been an utter blur of adventures. From the best summer EVER. To lots of exciting settling styling projects. To launching a new business. To finally finishing my home. I can honestly say this year has been a roller coaster of hard work, creativity and fun.

1. Be Brave

This was the year to take up challenges, to do something new and to take on new roles.
In my own case – I set up a new business.
In January last year, I bumped into fellow interior stylist Laurie Davidson at an event, and we casually chatted about the idea of starting styling workshops. By March, we launched the Secret Styling Club at Farrow & Ball in Hove.
Together we have hosted a workshops nearly every month – teaching people like you on how to style your home USING THE THINGS YOU ALREADY OWN. We have been lucky enough to collaborate with West Elm, Farrow & Ball, Next. Ikea and Dunelm Mill.
Working with another stylist has been fantastic. I feel I have a partner in styling crime.
Lots of you wonderful ladies came and joined us on the course. You came on that adventure with us.
We have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline to help small business style their images to appeal to magazines. And if you want to up your instagram game then this is the course for you. Check HERE for our list of new workshops.
Let 2018 teach you that if you hate working in an office. And want to be your own boss but don’t know where to start. Then my advice is take the leap. If you have an idea for business. Go for it.

2. Relax In Your Home

I feels like everyone was busy decorating and renovating this year – from friends, family – literally everyone. And doing up houses is exhausting.
After years of DIY, this year I I finally finished my home (I know! At last!!) This year is going to be about making considered changes.
This year I finally finished my garden with the makeover appearing in Good Homes magazine – and then I shot my bedroom, kitchen, living room and hallway – all of which appeared in magazine across the globe (if you would like to check that out click HERE).
After three solid years of building works – including a new roof, new flooring through our and new central heating) my house is finally starting to feel like me. I’ve go a few plans for next year on how I would like to tweak and change my home to match my developing styling. Think a new sofa, new rugs and maybe new wall colours.
I’m going to share my ideas for 2019 my home. None of it is big stuff. Just small changes to reflect how I want my home to feel.
Are you feeling the same? I think it’s time to chill when it comes to our homes. Let’s just spend time enjoying them in 2019

3. Become A Stylist At Home

This year has seen a rise interest in my blog and instagram. I think we lot are still mad crazy about interiors  As I’m an Interior Stylist (is what I do for a living). I take on huge projects and art direct, project manage and create beautiful shots. All skills you can use in your home.
In the summer, I style huge shoots for Life Style Flooring, Barclays, Hillarys, Next, Ideal Home, Real Homes… to name a few. Be prepared to see more of my styling work on the blog with ideas and inspo on how you can make your home look magazine-worthy. This is where my heart lies – and next year, I’m going to be shouting out about this more.
Expect a new portfolio, new clients and new exciting projects.
What I’m saying is, I’ll be sharing behind the scenes on shoots so you get exclusive access to what magazine shoots look like.

4. Flourish On Social Media

As well all know, social media is an important part of blogging. My instagram following has grown by 6K this year – which is amaziiiiiiiiing. I’m now at 17.2K in just three years which blows my mind.
I’ll be honest, I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with that app. But I’m finally enjoy what a fab tool it is to put yourself out there, on the internet. That’s why you will be seeing my mug on my grid for the near future.
This year, I’m going to concentrate on growing my Pinterest. I’ve finally got my head around it!!! I’ve got edited boards that I love filling with inspirational ideas, and also reflect my niche interests of a healthy home, my love of yoga and travel.
Take a look – and give me a follow HERE. I get over 1.5 million hits a month on there – WAAAAAAAH.
The surprise hit of the year was my youtube video of tiling my stairs which has had over 24K views.  I’m going to try and film some more next year of my how-to videos.
After being interviewed on BBC Radio Five Live, I was then asked back to appear on BBC Radio Sussex. There is no way I would have done this type of thing – putting this voice on the radio – if it hadn’t been for taking them first brave steps on social media.
If you want to build up your confidence – then you need to take a big breath and put yourself out there. I promise, you will not regret it.

5. Shout Out About Your Achievements

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty rubbish at telling people what I have achieved. That was until this year, I started sharing the news on what I had been up to on here, and with my followers on my social media. I’ve been shortlisted for 14 awards in 3 years for this blog. I’ve also been on the radio, in magazines (I’ve been interviewed in four this year alone) as well as featured on lots of Top 10 interiors blogs!
I also need to mention the awards I have been shortlisted for. Most recently I was shortlisted as Best Lifestyle Blog 2018 by the #IBA18 which felt like such an achievement (thank you to everyone who voted for me). And being listed as real Homes magazine Best Interior Stylist Instagrammer! And Best Lifestyle Blog in the TNBA. WOOP!
Awards sound silly but they mean lots to us. I sit most evenings working on this blog – so to get my peers to nominate me makes my heart sing.
If you have done great work – SHOUT ABOUT IT. Tell people! You’ll find that 99% of people will want to celebrate your good news, and share your good times.

6. And finally, say thank you

If you are excited for the year ahead – then give 2018 a little nod of thanks. And if 2018 was a bit of struggle, then make sure that you look forward with hope.
One thing I need to say is THANK YOU Thank you for stopping by my blog. Thank you for liking or commenting on my posts. Thank you for sharing my adventures and encouraging me to be more brave, more open and more me on this small corner of the internet.
I’m hoping next year to give you more styling advice and tips for your homes. I’m looking forward to sharing loads of trends predictions, and ideas on how to work them into your existing schemes. I’m going to continue to share my love of fashion – both high street and vintage.
Have a wonderful Christmas – and see you in 2019 for more home decor-related adventures.

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Discover what life lessons 2018 can teach us about ourselves, blogging, our homes, careers & interior style by interior stylist Maxine at welovehomeblog.com

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